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  1. RustyPrincess

    Property Inspection Question

    If you want to have a property inspected before you buy it, can you have the inspector come before you sign an OTP, or is it only possible afterwards? If both, which is better? Also what clauses should be included in the OTP regarding a property inspection? Any advice is welcome :)
  2. RustyPrincess

    South African Puddings

    What are some of your favourite South African puddings? And your go to recipes for these.
  3. RustyPrincess


    I want to try making schnitzel for dinner. Previous attempts have resulted in the breading falling off during cooking. Any advice or tried and tested methods?
  4. RustyPrincess

    Laser eye surgery in Joburg

    Been considering getting my eyes zapped for a while now, any recommendations for a good opthamologist in Joburg? Any idea what it costs nowadays?
  5. RustyPrincess

    Looking for a decent free FTP Client for Mac

    I'm looking for a free, preferably dual panel FTP client for Mac, that has tar capabilities. It must also be able to accept a private key instead of a password for sftp connections. Commander One seems to meet my needs, but at $30 I would rather not. I'm currently using FileZilla to view...
  6. RustyPrincess

    Oreo pop up cafe in Rosebank

    Next week they are opening an oreo pop up cafe in Rosebank (Similar to the Magnum one they had towards the end of last year I'm guessing) Did anyone ever manage to get an Ice cream from the Magnum Pop up cafe? I went past twice, but the...
  7. RustyPrincess

    Slow Cookers

    Do you own one? Would you recommend buying one? What do you like to make in it? Trying to decide if I need one or not. :D
  8. RustyPrincess

    Don't drink and drive options

    So with the ever increasing roadblocks and dangers of drinking and driving, my friends and I need a way to get to and from a wedding in Midrand (we are all based in and around Randburg-ish area). Does anyone have any recommendations or suggestions as to what would be the best idea. There will be...
  9. RustyPrincess

    Butter Icing Recipe for Cupcakes

    I want to give my friends cupcakes as gifts for their birthdays, as I have run out of ideas for presents for them. I found these really cool cupcake wrappers on an online shop in JHB (, so I can make them look pretty fancy, the only issue is that my butter icing is a bit of a...
  10. RustyPrincess

    How do you find a rain water leak in a car?

    I have a new Ford Fiesta thats barely a year old, and water is getting into the car somehow, and pooling on the carpet behind the drivers seat. I have taken it to a Ford Dealership to have them look for the leak, but their pathetic attempt at trying to find where the water is coming in...
  11. RustyPrincess

    Audio Books

    Where can I get audio books in an mp3 format?
  12. RustyPrincess

    MTN to retrench 403 staff

  13. RustyPrincess

    Is this site legit? Because they pretty cheap, my contact lenses cost R250 a box on this site, but I pay my optometrist R360 a box... Has anyone used them before?
  14. RustyPrincess


    How do you cook eggplant? Was thinking of roasting it with some other veggies, but I am not sure how long it takes to cook
  15. RustyPrincess

    Things to do in durban if it rains

    What activities are there to do in durban (or near durban) if it rains? They can be touristy, just not too pricy...
  16. RustyPrincess

    Cheap flights

    I'm not sure if anyone has posted this, but Kulula is having a special on their flights for today (1 Sep 2009) and now for 22-23 Oct 2009 R299 jhb<->durbs R399 jhb<->cpt for flights from now til the end of the year.... :D:D If you can't get on their website, book through go travel...
  17. RustyPrincess

    How much do contact lenses cost?

    How much would contact lenses cost for a year/per month? Which is better, the daily disposable ones or the ones that last about a month, or the hard lenses? Which brand do you prefer? Do prices vary according to strength? Which optometrist do you go to? I’m kinda sick of the...
  18. RustyPrincess

    Hairdresser in JHB

    Yesterday I got off work early, and decided to go past my hairdresser to see if she could cut my hair. It was 4.30 and they close at 5, sometimes at 6. I asked if she was busy and if she could cut my hair (she was just standing around looking bored) and after checking her appointment book...