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    UNBELIEVABLE! Can't cancel wireless without Penalty to to over to Fibre!

    I started with LTE fixed wireless Cell C beginning October last year. I don't stay in the Kalahari desert - I live in Cape Town where there are Cell C towers everywhere. However, complaint after complaint after complaint after complaint of critically low speeds were ignored, sidelined, swept...
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    Rain Mobile Data uses too much data!!!

    I connected my new Rain sim card to a Vodafone R216 Mifi Modem this past late Monday evening. When I checked earlier in the evening last night my dashboard showed that it used just over 7 Gigs in 1.5 days (that was till early evening yesterday). From last night to this morning it used a further...
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    Best Priced Fibre provider (FTTH)

    Who are the best priced FTTH providers that we can approach to install fibre for our neighbourhood. Someone mentioned that if we find 30 interested people, they might install - which company would this be? Many thanks!
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    FTTH Kraaifontein and/or Parow

    Does anyone know an ISP who has already rolled out FTTH for Kraaifontein and/or Parow? I have been searching and I just dont know where to look anymore. Many thanks!