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  1. NickLeStrange

    Samsung Galaxy S4 OTG problem

    Hi All, So I recently purchased a second hand Galaxy S4 for some VR goodness. The phone works brilliantly, and has Lollipop 5.01 installed. I purchased a USB OTG cable so that I can connect a controller to it. Problem is, the phone sees that the OTG cable is plugged in, then a second or two...
  2. NickLeStrange

    Wanted: Samsung Galaxy S5 - Cape Town

    Item: 100% Original Samsung Galaxy S5 Lte with charger (Not the mini) Age: As old as it is now Warranty: Not required Packaging: Not essential but would be nice. Condition: Maybe some light scratches on the back/sides, but screen must be 100% perfect. Location: Cape Town (Woodstock/Salt...
  3. NickLeStrange

    [W] DDR2 SODIMM 4GB + 2GB (aka Laptop RAM) - Cape Town

    Item wanted (be very descriptive): DDR2 SODIMM 1x4GB + 1x 2GB = 6GB in total, in 100% working condition of course. Is packaging essential?: No Desired age and condition: Any Location: Cape Town Willing to accept a shipped item: No Willing to purchase if the price is right, or trade you my...
  4. NickLeStrange

    PC - Core i5 - Radeon R9 270X - 8GB DDR3 - 2x 500GB HDD + Monitor and KB [S]

    Item name (be very descriptive): My PC which I used for gaming. See specification below. Age and condition: Variable, as it was built up by me over time. Do you include packaging: No Warranty: No Reason for selling: I don't game anymore, and I have an expensive laptop which is going to waste...
  5. NickLeStrange

    NFC Wristband - Where to buy in ZA?

    Hey Folks! I've been looking for some place to buy a NFC wristband, something which I could program myself. I am looking at using it to unlock my phone. I've found a good looking site overseas, but I would prefer something local with some good shipping time and pricing. Cheers! Nick
  6. NickLeStrange

    Powered USB Hubs for tablets

    Ok, I have a little question. Here goes. I want to create a DIY tablet dock, and these days tablets support a wide variety of USB devices plugged into it. So far I've plugged in a regular keyboard, my game controller and my 8ta USB modem. Now with the dock that I want to make, I want to run a...
  7. NickLeStrange

    Problems with MWEB Uncapped Pro Web Hosting

    Hey folks, especially the MWEB rep, if there is a rep here. I am in need of some help WRT my MWEB Uncapped Pro web hosting that I purchased 4 days ago. 1st, the domain isn't going to my website if I use the www in front, so if I enter, it takes me to the Enkompass...
  8. NickLeStrange

    Any mIRC scripters up in here?

    Hey guys, I'm currently busy working on a little script/addon, which I am personally using and which I want to release once it is finished, and I need a little help, as there are a few things that's bothering me. So reply to this thread please, and I'll get into the guts of what I am...