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    Police Clearance Certificate ETA?

    Hi guys, I'm hoping this Police Clearance Certificate won't take too long, as I'm out of work and want to emigrate but can't get a work permit overseas without this Certificate. I applied and paid last Thursday, they informed me that I can't send it via a courier and that they'll send it...
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    ClubVPS is a scam

    Hi, Recently I was busy looking at VPS providers just to toy around with and came across this "ClubVPS hosting", they're apparently a child company of "OMC Group". They charged me $1.72 to "verify" my card. I think this is their way of trapping your card details in their system, the VPS'es...
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    WebAfrica 20Mbit/s 120GB + 1000GB on Telkom FTTH, A Review 1 Month in.

    Hi guys, This is basically an extension of my previous thread which can be found <--- here. So, right off the bat it took just a little over a month to install. *Note: I mainly do gaming, game updates...
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    Installing Telkom FTTH through WebAfrica

    Hey everyone, Made the choice to install Fibre in our apartment, Phoned WebAfrica this morning and confirmed that they do cover the installation and that the router is free, and they'll only bill me once everything is working and sorted. They told me that the lead time is about 4-10 weeks (a...