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    Windows blue screen

    HI All, I have the following error and nothing on the internet seems to be working I tried it ALL. log file: C:\Windows\System32\Logfiles\SrtTrail.txt for Windows 10. The question, how can I reinstall windows and without using a new key(i already paid for windows), I dont have my windows...
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    \Windows\System32\Logfiles\SrtTrail.txt for Windows 10?

    Hi Guys, I have the following looping boot error " \Windows\System32\Logfiles\SrtTrail.txt for Windows 10?" Everything on the internet i have tried to no avail, bootrec, drive assigning letter to a drive. Please, can someone tell me how I can install a new windows without booting and still...
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    Most exported cars in Sa (old school)

    Hi Guys, I'm quite a car lover and I'm curious as to what is the most exported cars in South Africa. Had a buddy tell me his escort got exported for 250K OMG! What's the big deal are these going into the showroom or used for a movie?
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    Draughtsman in DBN

    Hi Guys, I'm looking for a Draughtsman in Durban can anyone refer me to someone reliable? Reason for posting I have found some guys on the net and have been ripped off twice. Thank you
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    Canon EOS 650D

    Hi Guys, I'm having an issue with my camera after taking images with any settings/mode. its shows a pink defect in the images as per attached. I have reset the camera and done the lens default cleaning. its nothing with the lens because I changed them and it's still the same problem. Please...
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    Architect plan

    Hi Guys i want to find out how long does it take to get a building plan approved by the municipality? Personal property Thanks S
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    WIFI connectivity segregation | Gaming

    HI Guys, I'm having abit of an issue with internet connection speeds perhaps there's a guru out there who can pose a solution. Ok so the issue is when I'm at home my sibling is on the internet streaming and I'm playing online by them streaming this is causing lag on my side, what can I do to...
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    Carpet dye

    Hi Guys, I'm finding it very difficult as to where i can find carpet dye to buy? I need to dye a 7 meter squared carpet. Any heads up where i can get this from i'm in Durban. Thanks a lot. Shak
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    Opel Corsa B GSI

    Hi Guys can someone please assist me with full torqure settings for: Opel Corsa B 1.6 8v GSI Thank you in advance! God Bless.
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    Opel corsa gsi 160I has "run on"

    Hi Guys, i have a opel corsa B 160i gsi, alls good but when, i drive it a while and switched off it doesnt switch off immediately? - Carbon cleaned - Injectors checked - plugs seems fine - new coil pack - boogey leads any suggestions? THANKS