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    Mweb Vs Afrihost ADSL Uncapped bundle Price Vs Performance(Only 4MB & 10 MB)

    Thanks MWEB for giving us affordable Uncapped. Thanks Afrihost for the lowest priced Uncapped bundle ADSL Now I would like to compare the performance Vs Price so that we can take informed decisions. I know its very early to get performance details from Afrihost users but when taken into...
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    Iphone 3GS OS 3.1.2 upgrade to IOS 4.2

    Hi I got an iphone 3gs currently running os 3.1.2(Bought from usa unlocked and jail break).I also lots of applications some bought from itunes and others d/l .I am wondering is there any way to upgrade my os to new 4.2 with out getting locked or how to re jailbreak and unlock after update.I...