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    Who is still awake?

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    Quadcopter/Drone Thread

    its free. i got many years use out of it before it went bust. battery was damaged on a crash land. From what i can see the drone looks good besides the battery
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    Quadcopter/Drone Thread

    I have a dji phantom 2 with a damaged battery. There is possibly more wrong with it. If anyone is interested pm me. Im in durban. Pickup only.
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    Foot stand for samsung tv where to buy?

    @Gtx Gaming!product?id=83359351
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    What game are you playing now ?

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    Two Day Giveaway - Win great prizes

    Thanks to our extensive experience with ICT and our fully dynamic BGP, we can provide you with a stable network and stronger technical capabilities.
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    Line of sight connection

    Hi all Im looking to setup a line of site connection over 1km. Are there any legalities regarding this? Also please recommend Ubiquity installers in durban. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.
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    Rare cars on SA road

    Porsche 356 (correct me if im wrong)
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    No Customer service at Vodacom

    /bump similar situation any feedback?
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    South Africa’s war on plastic bags appears to be working

    The real question is: Will people pay 2 - 3 times more for "environmentally friendly products". My personal opinion is that plastics are going to be here for a long time to come.
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    Everyone must cancel their Vodacom contracts and stop buying data - Lesufi

    Hahahahahhahaha. This whole thing is a joke.
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    Ring of Elysium Battle Royale

    I play as well. Hit me up SCR3AM_RVLK