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  1. Spliffcat

    Teen goes to party, tells parents she was kidnapped and almost sold as sex slave

    /sends teen home bandy legged and minus virgin.
  2. Spliffcat

    Surtie Inheritance scam?

    Friday Thread.
  3. Spliffcat

    Surtie Inheritance scam?

    The biggest bull shixxing Bible Punchers are the biggest thieves of all. Gavin Watson come to mind?
  4. Spliffcat

    Vegan takes neighbours to court in Western Australia over smell from barbecues

    Definition of a vegan. Village idiot who can't hunt and fish.
  5. Spliffcat

    MTN Nigeria closes stores following anti-SA attacks

    Stupidity knows no bounds.
  6. Spliffcat

    Mother finds Grade 6 girl tied up in school toilet after frantic search

    Whip the little turds who did this to her.
  7. Spliffcat

    Huawei to launch new smartphones with licensed Google apps in South Africa

    A bare bones Mint on a Huawei, now that would work.
  8. Spliffcat

    Steel thieves down Fordsburg power pylons

    Thieves just imitating the government cadres.
  9. Spliffcat

    Huawei to launch new smartphones with licensed Google apps in South Africa

    Huawei are not releasing the boot loader codes. There is away around to disable the bloatware But you can't delete it permanently.
  10. Spliffcat

    Great white sharks vanish from Cape Town and no one knows why

    Really strange that the dorsal fins of the Orcas in the picture shows them to be floppy. That normally only happens in captivity. Not in the ocean. Something is not quite right.
  11. Spliffcat

    Could anyone help me root my Samsung S5 with LineageOS?

    Flashed my old S5 with all sorts of ROMS had a lot of fun. Eventually found a rom of 350 mb, made it incredibly fast. Fanie Braai has a thread on how to do it.
  12. Spliffcat

    King Zwelithini’s trust keeps people poor

    Piss off and go hungry, peasants.
  13. Spliffcat

    Police officers need guns even when off-duty, to protect themselves

    Kristen talking absolute **** again.
  14. Spliffcat

    WATCH | Rampaging students chase down and butcher live cattle

    When the cows are finished? Then it's one another.
  15. Spliffcat

    How to clean your titanium Apple Credit Card

    Knows what to use when the loo paper runs out.