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    Gardeners: I'm looking for a greengage tree

    The title says it all: I'm looking to buy a greengage tree to plant in my garden in Johannesburg. No luck with Google, and most plant nurseries have never heard of greengages. Any help appreciated.
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    Disposing of VCRs

    I want to dispose of two Sony VCRs in pretty much immaculate condition. Before I make a trip to the local dump has anyone any suggestions of someone who might benefit from these ? Someone who, for instance, still has training courses on VHS tapes ? NB: I am looking for names / actual...
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    Power factor correction

    Given Eskom should I be interested in power factor correction ?? video demo:
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    Samsung T260 WTF ?

    I am shopping for a Samsung T260 monitor. The current best prices are Kalahari & Take2, i.e. both in Cape Town. Neither has stock. Both say that the local (i.e. Cape Town) distributor has told them that the T260 has been discontinued, the 'replacement' being one of the 23" Samsung...
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    Quote required for Samsung T260 monitor

    Quote required for Samsung T260 monitor, Johannesburg area. Please include method of payment required, i.e. cash / cheque / credit card Thanks
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    Samsung 2253GW discontinued ??

    Decided to purchase a second Samsung 2253GW, only to be told (by the supplier) that - according to the importers - this model is no longer available / discontinued. Can anyone confirm / deny ? Thanks
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    Suggestion for a poll: Does one get one's money's worth from a 4Mb line

    The title says it all. When a 4Mbps line runs well it is a thing of joy. OTOH, when things go wrong, it is a nightmare. My experience is that Telkom are able [barely] to keep a 384kbps going without [overly] annoying the users. However, when a 4Mbps line is involved, quality (?) is a...
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    4MB running at 384kb: Telkom sez we not obliged to fix

    Hi -- My 4Mb line - after running reasonably well for over a year - suddenly slowed to a crawl a month ago. After spending a month fighting with Telkom - including having the fault closed three times without my consent - I finally logged a high-level complaint using the 0801-313-131 number...
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    Help requested: download speed weirdness ...

    Hi – I am experiencing a weird problem when attempting to download. I have a 4Mb ADSL line and live within one kilometer of the Parkview exchange. When I run a speed test (e.g. I generally receive a report saying that I should achieve a download speed of around 3Mb...