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    Is CCA cable "Solid"?

    A supplier is selling me a box of "Solid" cat cable. When I double checked with them on if it was solid, and not CCA lan cable, they replied, stating that it was not pure copper. Am I under the wrong impression that unless it is specifically sold as CCA, all solid cables are supposed to be...
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    Jive: Another sugar tax "victim"

    Anyone notice the incognito change in the sugar levels in Jive? I could not understand why my cooldrink tasted funny after not drinking any for quite some time. Turned the bottle - shock horror - only 4% sugar + aspartame. They changed it without dropping the price and without doing the right...
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    Amobia FTTH Feedback/Reviews

    Anyone on Amobia FTTH that can shine some light on how they are as a fibre ISP (instead of a WISP)? Looking at them as a possibility on frogfoot.
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    Frogfoot FTTH install

    Right, so we are busy prepping for a frogfoot install and would like to avoid surprises and are pre-planning where we would like the fibre to run. Are installers allowed to use existing telkom ducting from the curb to enter the erf and premises? If not, would they use ducting that we lay...
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    Anyone on VOX willing to do a quick ping for me?

    As per the title, if you have a minute to spare, please drop a message or send me a quick PM. I suspect there is something wrong with VOX's DNS cache (specifically sparrow cache) and need someone to do a quick ping for me to verify. Thx!
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    Comparing Fibre ISP Pricing (on Frogfoot)

    I have noticed that the packages listed on the frogfoot packages portal ain't exactly what I would call accurate. Some of the pricing is wrong, some of the terms are wrong, some of the packages don't even exist on the ISP's website etc etc. Looking then at the slew of fibre isp comparing sites...
  7. L Launching 19 August 2019

    I see that Mind the speed is launching on the 19th... No pricing in sight yet. :crying: But they claim that they will offer the lowest pricing in the market. :unsure:
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    Serv Hosting / Serve Hosting / Web Africa / No Loyalty (Price increases/Discontinuation of products?)

    Did anyone get a notice of any price increases or discontinuing of packages at 1-grid? My 'Linux Hosting X Small' package went from R19 odd, to R29 sometime in 2018 and today I see my July invoice is R49. According to support these Xtra small packages were discontinued about 3 months ago?
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    Managing/Recording CPD hours

    So over the weekend I sorted out a friend's computer, again - seems like a faulty SATA cable I missed the previous time was the root cause of all his random issues all along, but I digress. He asked me about this previously and to date I do not have a clear-cut or easy answer for him: He...
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    Official Voting-Day Specials/Offers Thread (8 May 2019)

    So it is time to vote and some voting-day offers have already started showing up: Free wimpy coffee. Uber R25+R25 off your ride to a voting station. PNA is giving away a free notebook when you show your ink. Some* Nandos branches will have a R25 1/4 Chicken & Chips meal offer. *Cannot read...
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    ""15GB/day"" @ R199/month Offer (telemarketing fail)

    So our existing cellc contract is coming to an end and the retentions department phoned us on Friday to offer us a 15GB/month package for the same price. Since the expiring contract was being used by the parentals the idea was to get them a slightly bigger package. But the MTN/Vodacom offer was...
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    ABSA Internet Banking Offline?

    Anyone having any issues with ABSA? loads, but internet banking ( times out. Have tried the app too, without success - unable to connect to server due to bad signal. Have tried via ADSL as well as via rain. Edit: USSD banking is also down: Service...
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    Error 522/404 Not Found

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    Manipulating CSV data

    Our business software kicks out .CSV data that we (read: I) then manually manipulate and prime in the format that can be imported into our accounting software. This is repetitive work and I would like to find out if there is a better way of doing this, short of making an autohotkey/macro script...
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    iNingizimu Afrika instead of South Africa on WhatsApp

    So I notice that South Africa is not listed anymore when signing up on WhatApp but has been replaced with iNingizimu Afrika. Since when has Whatsapp gone all Zulu on us?
  16. L can't find Query refused

    I have been struggling to get my current webhost to admit that something is wrong with their secondary nameservers. Been going to and fro with them for like more than a week now. I initially thought that I made a typo while parking, since the registration kept on complaining...
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    Super Official ("Superficial") Black Friday Thread (23 November 2018)

    Do we have a thread yet? With Black Friday just around the corner, and deal rumours well swirled, let's post all the deals we are aware of here. Thx @Speedster for the intro. I'll update this post with confirmed deals, and links where applicable. PSA: I have no idea how one sorts this to...
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    Powerline with Neighbour

    Looking to share my internet with the parentals next door, but due to the positioning of the telkom cable and the accompanying wifi router, the wifi barely covers one room next door. A repeater/WDS will end up repeating the weak 1 bar signal and is not the route I would like to go. Simply lying...
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    Corsa Utility 1.7 Alternator

    Sitting with a Opel Corsa Utility 1.7 Diesel that needs a new alternator without an obvious way of removing said alternator DIY. Any tips/help would be appreciated.
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    What accounts do you pay at PnP?

    I have some credit at PnP that I want to "get out of the system", so: What accounts do you pay at PnP using eg. @pay or EasyPay or whatnot? In the past this was easy via Reload/Drawcard using @pay, but Reload (Mobile Money) does not exist anymore. :cry: List: Telkom Landline Pathcare DSTV...