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  1. AcceleritZa

    Accelerit ISP review

    Good day @ld13 Sure thing I will check your PM shortly.
  2. AcceleritZa

    Accelerit ISP review

    @wingnut771 Yes Sir we do have a portal where you log tickets, pay invoices and track monthly usage. Once you sign up you get login details sent to you. Feel free for DM me your details. Thanks!
  3. AcceleritZa

    Accelerit ISP review

    Thanks @EasyUp Web Hosting glad all seems stable. Sure thing we can take a closer look at those losses for you also will keep checking.
  4. AcceleritZa

    Accelerit ISP review

    London looking good this evening ->
  5. AcceleritZa

    Accelerit ISP review

    Sorry just picking this up now. To switch from another network is R499 and you are good to go. Fairly quick also. For what ever reason I didn't get a notification when you sent this sorry for the late reply.
  6. AcceleritZa

    FTTH Port Elizabeth

    Looking forward - Any issues let me know :)
  7. AcceleritZa

    Accelerit ISP review

    Morning @EasyUp Web Hosting - Will you please share with me your ticket number that you received so I can get some detail?
  8. AcceleritZa

    Accelerit ISP review

    Great to hear you are now online! Sure thing let us know how your testing goes :)
  9. AcceleritZa

    Accelerit ISP review

    I've attached Tracert to we around getting 395ms
  10. AcceleritZa

    Accelerit ISP review

    Glad to hear it many thanks for the support!
  11. AcceleritZa

    Which one would u choose(vuma)

    Thanks @cavedog and @wingnut771 Happy to assist anytime please ping me should you require info on our products.
  12. AcceleritZa

    Vodacom or Accelerit - lesser of the 2 evils???

    let me know if I can assist you cross-over @deonmoodley Generally just avoid taking out contracts for flexibility so if you aren't in contract you should be able to switch across seamlessly. "Don't be evil" they say so zero evil this side!
  13. AcceleritZa

    Vodacom... Now Open Access

    We've helped quite a few guys get on-board. It does take a while to get on their Open Access platform but once on it moves fairly quickly to get guys connected barring a few issues here and there..
  14. AcceleritZa

    Fibre... Tt vs openserve

    Howzit guys - no AUP / FUP / xUP on our end.. Let me know if we can help. Our pricing is available via
  15. AcceleritZa

    Vodacom Fibre

    Let me know if you get stuck along the process so I may escalate on my end with the order however all should be within the SLAs. Looking forward to providing our service to you.
  16. AcceleritZa

    Fibre ISP on Vumatel network

    Happy to assist - If you need help please shout
  17. AcceleritZa

    Vodacom Fibre Sales Order completed before Infrastructure Available?? WTF.

    We are also active as an ISP on Vodacom - Let us know if we can assist you
  18. AcceleritZa

    Accelerit router?

    We definitely do @SpeedMatters
  19. AcceleritZa

    Accelerit router?

    Thanks for assisting @cavedog and thanks for the query Glad you were assisted. We will look at how to simplify wesite navigation if you have any ideas so share :) Thanks!
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    Accelerit router?

    In the event forum response takes a while please do reach us via