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    So grondboontjies is nie grond of boontjies nie?
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    France trip: trip done, my feedback!

    I was there for the 2007 World Cup, rented a car and did about 3500 k's with it. Only scary bit was driving in Paris, where the people on scooters drive like our taxis, rest was fine. If I remember correctly their speed limit is also 130 on the freeways
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    Test Match (Old cricket tabletop / board game

    I have this game, it's somewhere in my house, haven't opened it for probably decades
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    Beware Uber ambush attack in South Africa

    This happened to someone I know a few days ago, probably the same incident
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    The biggest risk facing South Africa right now, according to Ramaphosa

    >>>Ramaphosa said the high unemployment rate was particularly worrying, with his government currently working on a number of interventions to address the issue. Specifics?
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    Do you have fibre-to-the-home coverage where you live?

    So things changed for us, our fibre went live at the end of June, installed by Vumatel and I signed up with Vodacom
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    Building a remote control for your brain

    But what if someone else grabs the remote and starts pushing buttons?
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    What age did you move out from your parents house ?

    17...moved to Varsity res that was my home for the next 4 years
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    Why Ramaphosa’s hands are tied when it comes to making the big changes South Africa needs

    From the article: The country’s biggest business lobby told its members last week that the government has no political will, no sense of urgency and, unless it changes its ways, will be forced to seek relief from the International Monetary Fund. So an IMF bailout is looking more and more like a...
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    Discovery Bank [2018]

    What happens to my current Discovery Credit Card if I decide not to join the new bank?
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    The official running thread™

    Parkrun on Saturday and MyRun on Sunday
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    [Opinion]: Our coming train crash

    The writer of the article is basically saying this is certain to happen, not if but when
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    Buying a house....

    Also bought in 2007, also got prime -2, also hoping to pay it off in less than the remaining 8 years
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    Big changes coming to Gautrain

    I've been using Gautrain to work everyday for the past six months, give it a try if it is possible for you and you'll see why I won't go back to driving to work. What helps is that we have a work shuttle that picks us up at the station and drops us there again after work