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    DSTV Now login link not working

    I am trying to log in to DSTV now and the link is inactive. I can however log in to Anyone else having issues?
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    Pfsense, PPPoE WAN, No internet

    I have posted on the WISP group but thought to post here as well. My WAN connection to my WISP is via PPPoE and I receive an external IP address, but my LAN cannot connect to the internet. Everything else is standard setup on Pfsense. I see an automatic outbound NAT rule which allows all...
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    Pfsense with WISP

    Hi I have a WISP internet connection and would like to implement Pfsense. Correct me if m wrong but would i have double nat’ing. I asked my provider if my pfsense could establish the ppoe connection and he said he could put my AP in flat mode. Not sure what that means . Any ideas how I could...
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    pFsense with B315

    Hi I am busy setting up pFsense at home but my internet connection is via CellC 200gb on a Huawei B315 modem. How would i set this up? You cant put the B315 in bridge mode but i see it has a WAN port (port4 LAN/WAN). Any ideas. Thanks
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    Firmware: MXQ Pro media player

    Hi Please can someone post a direct link to the latest firmware for the above media player? I have googled and end up going around in circles with ads and fake download links. Cheers
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    Robbie Malinga Jnr: I’m an important person who always needs to be protected

    Who is this little tosser. Looks like some serious attitude.
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    MacBook Pro Mid 2012 keyboard

    Hi First time MacBook owner and I need to replace my keyboard. The letters "K" and "L" don't work so I have to use a USB keyboard. Any idea where I could get one from and roughly how much? TIA