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    R499 | Microsoft Office 2019 Professional x 10

    @i-Tech Solutions please pm me the details so I can finalise it with you
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    The Ford Ranger (T6) Thread

    Not really, they might be getting a kick back from Ford Credit or Ford SA in a form of rebate, see the price is only valid if financed through ford credit. And then you probably find it is with a balloon payment as well.
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    Cool things to do in Queenstown?

    Maybe be specific on the country . . . .SA Queenstown you could probably mingle with the farmers, NZ Queenstown - that is probably a whole different story.
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    Afrihost - Pure Fibre Feedback Thread

    Asked about the status of a Fibre product and if I could escalate it because we do have Fibre in our area. However got the below message from the agent totally unrelated: Please connect your computer to your D'Link router either wirelessly or with an ethernet cable (LAN cable) and open a web...
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    Afrihost - Pure Fibre Feedback Thread

    Seriously terrible support from you guys, order Fibre and try to explain on WhatsApp what is going on and you just get the same generic answer.
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    The Tattoo Thread

    Dam sorry, only saw your reply now, I was with a friend on the day didn't feel like driving. But this was mine that Len did, after the touch up.
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    WATCH: Light aircraft gatecrashes OR Tambo taxiway, as 'pilot drops off friend late for a flight

    Landing fees are gazetted and are charged according to weight of the aircraft. Probably R94.34 considering the weight of the aircraft.
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    The 25TB man – South Africa’s biggest bandwidth hog

    Be interested to know what the total speed is during peak hours being pulled by Netflix and YouTube content across all ISPs.
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    WATCH: Light aircraft gatecrashes OR Tambo taxiway, as 'pilot drops off friend late for a flight

    Generally Ground Control will tell you where you should go, i.e IWE use Taxiway A, B, C, park at Apron E, However a good pilot will do a lot of ground work before flying, so they would have a chart similar to the below and have a good idea as to where ATC will tell you where to go. But there...
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    Openserve the ultimate fibre provider in South Africa soon?

    I highly doubt that Telkom will be the ultimate provider seeing that there is so much competition at the moment. Some might think the current CEO, Sipho is going a bit crazy but he is trying to make Telkom relevant in a current society by capitalizing on property, making the most of their...
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    Tattoos - do you tip?

    Depends how you feel really, if the guy is working out of a studio then the chance he will see the full R900 is min. Most of that goes to the Studio any way as a form of commission for using the shops brand name and location. On top of that the guy still needs to buy his own ink and needles to...
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    Afrihost - Pure Fibre Feedback Thread

    Signed up for pure fibre with Afrihost, but nothing has changed in the past 3 years of owning multiple products with them in terms of the way the website works. I understand now why people get frustrated. Sign up, give in all the details and now you sit with a single screen that greets you...
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    Call for Cell C boycott

    Um yes . . . . Its called cost vs retail . . . this is how a business makes its profit to be able to pay for all those expenses. From the recent article 0.5% of the Cell C user base is using 20% of the Network capacity. via their Fixed LTE product. By taking this out the equation they will...
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    MrPrice Robbing Customers of their money

    Not really, I have seen colleagues with 21% - 25% interest on accounts like these.
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    New Toyota and Lexus cars in South Africa will come with Wi-Fi and 15GB data

    Obviously, data is key in this inter-connected world.
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    Motorists urged to avoid Tshwane CBD

    They were actually chilled today, walking through the streets. Passed the dealership with about 4 cop cars following behind, otherwise nothing much happened.
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    Call for Cell C boycott

    Why is Cell C bad? If they don't make the necessary business decisions to rescue their business then there will be no Cell C at all. I believe they dropped fixed LTE in favour of protecting valuable bandwidth and offering what service they have left to their mobile subscribers.
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    Telkom WiFi is no more

    As quick as the data was loaded, it was also taken away :(
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    Telkom WiFi is no more

    I received 10Tb data as part of the promo, not complaining, just want to know if it is genuine or not.