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    Telkom Showmax promotion extension?

    Back in April Telkom sent out 3 month Showmax subscription codes. My subscription should end on 29 July, but I see that this has been extended until September. I don't see any billing for this, so I'm wondering if the promotion has been extended. Anyone else noticed this?
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    Fuel prices not changing in June? Update: Extremely late notice of increases.

    Fuel prices usually (always) change on the first Wednesday of the month. The notice is published by the Central Energy Fund and the Department of Energy, usually on the Friday before the change, but sometimes on the Monday before the change. It's now 5pm on the Tuesday before the change, and...
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    Pick n Pay brand match discontinued?

    I have realised that in January my till slip no longer has a brand match calculation. At one point I got a random R10 off coupon, but it wasn't for paying more on my shopping than elsewhere. It looks like they no longer run this programme. The best notice I could find was this news piece from...
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    Hockey stick - Gryphon Taboo pro shape

    Item wanted (be very descriptive): Looking for a 37.5 inch pro shape Gryphon Taboo (has its curve peak at 250mm up from the head), ideally a striker or original model, I find the blue steel ones feel too stiff. Is packaging essential?: No Desired age and condition: As long as it's not cracked...
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    Don't buy Bid or Buy gift vouchers

    Unlike other online stores their vouchers aren't emailed to you immediately. Instead, they need to be approved by someone in their accounts department, which can only be done during office hours. Compare this with Takealot, which emails you in seconds afters buying a voucher. My story: I won...
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    The 2014-15 PSL thread

    It's time to get the thread started, with the new season starting tomorrow. The season is made up of the Premiership and 3 cup competitions. The first cup is the MTN 8, made up of the top 8 finishers from last year's league. The Telkom Knockout includes all 16 teams, and the Nedbank Cup has all...
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    The 2013-14 Premier Soccer League thread

    It's that time again, a new season is about to get underway. The season will once again be made up of the 16 ABSA Premiership, the 8 team MTN 8, the 16 team Telkom Knockout (league cup), and 32 team Nedbank Cup (national cup). The 16 teams in the PSL are: Ajax Cape Town Amazulu...
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    The 2013-13 Premier Soccer League thread

    The new season is about to get started, so it's time for a new thread. For those who don't know the PSL season should be* made up of the 16 team league, a top 8 cup, a 16 team league cup, and a 32 team national cup. The 16 teams making up the PSL this season are: Ajax Cape Town Amazulu...
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    The Olympic Thread of "Go Team South Africa!"

    The Games offically start on Friday with the opening ceremony, but the football tournement tomorrow. Team South Africa is made up of 125 people, taking part in 17 sports. I'll try to post South African results and TV times for events our athletes are taking part in. Banyana Banyana are the first...
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    SA Schools Shootout

    I often critisise the fact that there isn't decent school football in SA, so I was plesently surprised when I found this on Supersport's website: SA Schools Shootout It's a 12 team schools tournament which starts in Joburg tomorrow. I'm not sure exactly how the teams qualified, but there are...
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    2012 MiWay T20 Challenge

    The succesor to the Standard Bank Pro 20 series starts tonight. Changes include a new team, the Impi, a double round robin of fixtures, and a new knockout stage. The 2nd and 3rd placed teams will play a single 'qualifier' followed by a final against the first placed team. Fixtures...
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    Limpopo set for Vodacom Cup team in 2013

    Sport 24 This seems like a good move by SARU. If rugby is going to grow, the game should be spread as far as possible. While not too many people are likely to attend matches, it's not like the Vodacom Cup is a big draw for any of the existing teams. The only issue I can see with this is if...
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    SARS source codes

    I'm doing someone's e-filing, and I need some help. It's a small business, and I've filled in all the accounting information. Under the calculation of the business's profit, it asks for a source code. Which code do I need to use? I've tried to search on SARS's site, but can't seem to find it...
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    The 2010-11 Premier Soccer League Thread

    I decided to get the local football thread started, since the the charity cup is next Sunday. For those that don't know, the local season is made up of the PSL (the main league), the Charity Cup (pre-season friendly tournement), MTN 8 (cup for top 8 teams from last PSL season), Telkom Knockout...
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    Football-rugby double headers?

    Times Live I'd be all for the double headers, but there will be problems about how to split the stadium rent and gate takings. it could wok, and should be really fun. Saying that they hope to model it on the Super Bowl would mean that they are looking to do it only a few times (or once) per...
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    Will the World Cup sway you support the PSL?

    With the World Cup just about done, I'd like to see if it will have an effect on the number of people going to PSL games. The USA built a great league on the success of USA 94, and I'd love to see SA do something similar. So, for the last month we have all been very interested in football...
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    Super Saturday in Soweto

    Not sure if everyone else has realised this, but on Saturday Soweto will host both the Super 14 semi-final and the Nedbank Cup final. :D The Nedbank Cup final between Amazulu and Wits is at Soccer City at 3pm and the Super 14 semi between the Bulls and Crusaders is at Orlando Stadium at 5pm...
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    Nedbank Cup Final at Soccer City - Tickets now on sale!

    If you're in the Joburg area on 22 May, you have the chance to be one of the first people to watch a game at this amazing stadium: Computicket If I lived in Joburg I would definately be there. At R40 a ticket it would be crazy not to go! SA's premier cup final at SA's...
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    2010 FIFA World Cup Offical Song

    Waka Waka (This Time for Africa)
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    2010 Champions League T20

    It's now been confirmed to take place in SA: News24 Can't wait for this to take place, another great sporting event for SA. So far we know that St Georges Park and the Wanderers will host games, but CSA will still pick a 3rd venue. Qualified teams: Warriors Lions Mumbai Indians...