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  1. RuhanSA079

    Toyota Financial Services Woes

    As the title says, I have been struggling with TFS to add insurance to my vehicle. Long story short, I took out life insurance with Brightrock, in case I die, the value of the vehicle would be paid out in full, etc. That was the plan. I bought a second hand "mooi opgepaste" Red Ford Kuga at a...
  2. RuhanSA079

    Ford "reinforced" locks worth it?

    Hi guys, As some of you know, my Ford Fiesta has been broken into a while ago. I don't want to sell it, I love that car. Anyway, I phoned the nearest Ford dealer, they quoted me like R5k for the replacement lock. (two weeks before the media dropped this steaming pile on Ford SA) Now, when I...
  3. RuhanSA079

    Geyser Timer self-install invalidate certification?

    Hi guys, Not sure if this is the right place for this type of question. I want to install a geyser timer, with permission from the homeowner (Renting). I heard stories about the certification of the DB box, the grand bits, but it boils down to: "I cannot install a timer or replace any other...
  4. RuhanSA079

    [Hoax?] Vodacom impersonators taking cellphone number and IMEI for a "new" deal of 5GB data

    Hello, My father forwarded me a voicenote of a poliesman talking and warning of people in Shoprite, Boxer and Checkers, saying they are Vodacom representatives, offering people 5GB of free data, but need the cellphone number and IMEI number. After taking the details, the phone must stay off...
  5. RuhanSA079

    Holiday work for 2nd year Mech. Engineering student (TUKS)

    Hi people, In order to help out a tjommie of mine, he is looking for holiday work in the line of mechanical engineering. I know for a fact that the 3rd years MUST have some holiday work or something in that line to gain experience. ( from TUKS website ) He prefers to get a placement in...
  6. RuhanSA079

    Vodacom Dual-sim capability

    Good day fellow MyBBers... My parents live on a plot just outside of town, and some Vodacom tower have degraded so badly in a year's time from fully functional to no connection at all, meaning they cannot make phone calls. I experienced this as well when I visited my parents. This happens very...
  7. RuhanSA079

    Medical aid covering hearing aids

    Hi guys, as the thread title says, I want to move from my parent's medical aid to another medical aid, one that I pay for. I am looking for one that can cover my hearing aids... I've heard many medical schemes have stopped the hearing aid cover, for whatever reason. Bonitas seems like a good...
  8. RuhanSA079

    Internet Speed at the Office vs Home

    Everyone got different internet speeds at home and the office. Just for interest's sake, how fast is your upload/download, and what type of connection? My internet at home download/upload is 7Mbps/4Mbps, Fixed LTE. At the office, fibre, 200+Mbps on both download/upload.
  9. RuhanSA079

    Conditions of reporting content?

    Hi guys, Under what conditions can I, as a fellow MyBBer, report content (Posts, Users or Threads, etc) as malicious, hateful or just plain common spam like shady abortion clinic ads, for example? Sarcasm excluded...
  10. RuhanSA079

    Kwaal hand - Meaning

    I have seen this sticker of a hand with thumb and forefinger trying to pick something, with the words "Kwaal" underneath it. Can someone explain to me the significance of it? I've seen it on taxi's etc...
  11. RuhanSA079

    Laptop stolen -- What is the value of the laptop on the street?

    Hi guys, Unfortunately a person/persons stole my laptop out of my Fiesta's boot yesterday approx 10 at night. Forced the lock open, gone with laptop, and the alarm sounds very puny when it goes off... Luckily the laptop is covered by insurance, (work laptop). Just for interest's sake, if a...
  12. RuhanSA079

    Stretched Tires Legality in South Africa

    Just seen some guys stretching their car tires, etc. It may look cool to and stuff, but when I see people drive on the highways with the tires, I begin to worry for the safety of the tires and the driver... Since it catched on here in SA, people stretch the tires out of spec, making it unsafe on...
  13. RuhanSA079

    Telkom line rental for Level 7 ADSL service

    Hi all, I want to get internet access to my residence, but have no telkom line or anything installed atm. So, Level-7 an ISP in Centurion, have some pretty good ADSL prices. Do I need to have a ADSL/Telkom line for them to hook me up to their service? Should I just drop by the nearest...