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    Personal Laptop for Computer Illiterate Relative

    My Aunt needs a new laptop. It needs to do 2 things - browse the internet, and be able to print from Gmail. Can anyone recommend anything? I was thinking of a Chromebook but it looks like there are some printing issues there. I would actually prefer a non Windows system for her, because...
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    USB C to Audio cable for iPad pro

    I have the new iPad Pro and just bought an AP Link USB C to audio cable adapter that does not work - the sound still comes out the speakers (tried on 2 sets of earphones) :( Can anyone recommend or link to an adapter cable that actually does work on the new iPad?
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    Short circuit protection in Ellies Inverter?

    I have this 1200w Ellies inverter kit. Does anyone know what would happen if one of the devices linked to this short circuits? Lets say a television attached to the inverter causes a short. Then the main switch would trip on the house circuit board and the inverter would start providing power...
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    Dishwasher Recommendation

    My LG Dishwasher that I bought about 8 years ago needs to go. This thing has needed it's pump assembly unit replaced 4 times (I eventually learned to do it myself) and has really put me off LG dishwashers. I think the model I have must have some kind of flaw. It is still working but has suddenly...
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    HDMI Audio Extractor with Optical Out.

    Does anyone know where I can buy one of these? Neither my aging plasma TV nor my Apple TV have optical out. I am currently using the headphone jack of my TV to send audio to my sound system, but that causes an annoying 50Hz buzz from the speakers. Or maybe I should just get a new television...
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    Is Napster down?

    Anyone else unable to connect? Might be my 14.4k modem :unsure:
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    A criminal record for a minor outstanding fine?
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    Oblivion unplayable!

    Has anyone else here found that Oblivion crashes all the time and is completely unusable. I borrowed the game from a friend who had finished it and was raving about it. I have an Intel E8500 3.16Ghz machine 2 GB RAM and a GeForce 8800 GT 512 MB Graphics Card. Here's what I did: 1/ Installed...