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    How to get this box lit up - non business option.

    It's a DFA box. It's in a office park in Randburg. The guys don't need the business options. They have been using ADSL up to now.
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    Anyone know what this barrel puzzle is?

    It's barrel shaped, the horizontals can turn. The lid and bottom can also move up and down. Sort of a rubics barrel. This thing is more than 30 years old.
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    Kitchen sink - Kwikot vs Franke

    Hi I'm looking for a double drop in sink with a extra surface on the one side only. Looking at the price of the ranges within a brand shows there must be some quality difference. And then there is Kwikot and Franke, and maybe some others. I'm obviously looking for the best sink for my money. Any...
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    Wanted - ATA -Analog telephone adapter FXS

    Hi I'm looking for a one or two port FXS adapter. Does anyone have one that he is willing to give away? I want to use it for a charity project of sorts. Randburg area.
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    Fitting size for Blue/White AGB 770C above ground water meter

    Hi Can anyone help me with the size of the fitting going to the consumer? I don't want to dig up to check.
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    Integrated heat pump & geyser

    Hi Has anyone got experience on the integrated heat pump & geyser combo units? They seem to be nice and compact. One concern I have is what happens when the geyser/vessel part starts leaking. Can you replace it separately?
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    Map of power grid for JHB

    Hi Does anyone have map/diagram of substations and the Eskom lines feeding Johannesburg? For example, the outage that affected Randburg etc today. Where was the break and what suburb did it affect?
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    Cutting of steel sheet into smaller pieces.

    Hi I'm in the process of making a gate for my driveway. Can anyone recommend a place in Randburg/Johannesburg area that would be able to supply/cut 1mm sheets of 600x400mm?
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    Data transfer using USSD

    Has anyone successfully done a data transfer via USSD, or otherwise? I have a SIM with a 200GB bundle, 190GB left. I would like to transfer some of it to another SIM of mine. I get a error message saying I have no bundles.
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    Pressed steel sheet - diamond

    Hi I need to make a steel gate. I would like to cover the gate with steel sheets. I'm looking for a place that can press the diamond shape into the steel. It's not the treadplate. I'm looking for a diagonal cross. Johannesburg.
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    Any plastic/Nylon/PP/PE experts?

    Hi I am looking for grow/filter media for a aquaponics system. The stuff I'm looking for is similar to the (usually) green pot scourers. The discs used in industrial floor polishers/cleaners also have s similar structure. Can anyone tell me what it's called? What is it made of...
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    Tabard candle in hot food dispensing counter at local PnP

    Hi I went by the local PnP this afternoon. They have the normal blue light insect zapping thingy to keep the flies at bay. At the hot food counter they also have a couple of Tabard candles behind the glass?!?! I just had a look on the Tabard website and the stuff contains Citronella oil...
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    Setting up a toll number

    Hi My sister is a dietitian. She often gets calls of people wanting (free) advice. I was thinking a toll number would be a great way for her to recover some income. I had the following in mind :- - number linked to a cell phone so that she doesn't have to be at the rooms when she takes...
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    MTN SIM/number expiry window

    Hi Guys Just got a SMS on my (data) SIM reminding me that if I don't use my SIM card for 90 days I could lose my number. It looked somehat like a general SMS. I'v had the SIM now for three and a bit months - never made a chargeable call. Where/how can I get the number of days left before SIM...
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    SMTP servers & SMTP servers with authentication.

    Hi I see there is a lot of discussion on SMTP servers at the moment. If you have a device using different methods of accessing the internet, using the correct SMTP server is important. Each ISP provides a SMTP server for it's users, but you generally can't use a SMTP server from another...
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    "Elbow" for laptop power supply

    Hi I'm look for a 'elbow' for a laptop power cable. I have seen one site that does imports, but at +-R 190 its a bit steep. Something similiar to Another alternative of...
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    Managed to pop off one of the keys on my keyboard

    Hi I managed to pop off one of the keys on my Samsung Notebook. These things are like a chinese puzzle. It comprises the keycap itself, and then 2 other pieces which fit into each other in some magical fashion. The spring load is provided by a rubber cup thingy. OK, so I am not the...
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    Android Phone - determine EDGE/3G and band being used.

    Hi On the status bar of the Android phone it indicates EDGE/3G/H. This can also be read via the Android Telephony API. However, is there a way to (progammatically) determine which band (900/2100/etc) is being used? I can't find anything related in the API. Would some non-API call be able...
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    Do you ever feal like a plastic bag? SIM card registration failed

    Hi For those of you holding on for Vodacom will know what this is all about. Last week Tuesday evening I ordered 2GB + 2GB Data stick on the Vodacom website. On Thursday morning I was called by a Vodacom accredited whatever/whoever explaining the terms to me, as well as verbally giving me a...
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    New Blackberry on Blackberry Talk 100 & 2GB + 2GB.

    Hi I am looking at getting a Blackberry on Blackberry Talk 100 and also a 2GB+2GB contract for use on my laptop. Is there any way to combine it so that any 'internet' traffic on my BB gets taken off my 2GB data contract? One problem I do see is that the phone is a 24 month contract while the...