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    Thank you for all the advice

    I understand you are trying to help the animals, but if you can't afford dog food don't get a dog and in this case cats too. Why can't you let other people take some of those animals off hands.
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    Can anyone give an Idiots For Dummies reply on Cell C LTE?

    You sure it's 150mbps and not up to 50mbps.
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    Cell C pulls plug on fixed LTE, leaving ISPs, consumers in the lurch

    I tried to cancel my Axxess Cell C LTE and they want to charge me R999 early cancellation. Has this always been in place?
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    Cell C terminating fixed-LTE

    Phoned axxess yesterday and they are aware of this and at moment it's business as usual. Right after I called them I received this email.
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    How to make money as a YouTuber in South Africa

    How much do you earn monthly? Doesn't have to be an exact figure. If you don't mind me asking.
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    Do you like your current job?

    Been doing it for about 10 years. Want to go back to IT.
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    Do you like your current job?

    Lately started hating it. I'm in retail.
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    Cell C terminating fixed-LTE

    I don't think that's true. Fixed LTE is only LTE it doesn't drop down to a 3G or anything else. If you have no LTE coverage you cant get Fixed LTE. All the fixed LTE i have tried all worked in Mobile devices.
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    Facebook is planning a dedicated news platform

    To spread the Fake news even more.
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    Rains main service is for.......streaming........

    Same thing happened to me. Service was good and then started to decline. I canceled with them no use to anyone I was get 2 to 5 mbps from 36mbps and some days no signal at all.
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    Share your retrenchment/Unemployment stories and solutions thereof.

    Worked for a company for 9 years was retrenched. Received a somewhat adequate package. Had to take a job which paid less as there was no choice. After a year found a better position elsewhere doing more or less the same as I was and now this company started with retrenchments, fortunately I was...
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    Is Rain having connectivity issues this weekend? (Mobile LTE)

    Rain has been pathetic for me the past 3 weeks. Some days there's no signal.
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    CCMA Process

    Does she honestly want to work for someone that does that? Secondly say she wins they will just end up treating her crap. Similar thing happened to my brothers girlfriend things weren’t pretty. At the end she left because there was tension because she had taken them to CCMA.
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    2019 Salary Increase

    Happening nearly everywhere these days.
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    2019 Salary Increase

    0%, company not doing well, retrenchment started and I have been demoted.
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    First time SSD buyer...please help.

    I have bought and sold a few different brands of SSD's sandisk, Adata, Apacer, crucial, WD, seagate, kingston and samsung. Samsung seems to be most popular. I use an Adata in my laptop and a crucial in my Mac works great. So what I am saying can't go wrong with any at the end will come down to...
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    Where to get a job if you don't know anyone?

    Why not try applying as a waiter or barman for now until you get something better.