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    Technowave Legit?

    Hi Guys Anyone purchased anything from ? Looking to buy a triple monitor arm... Thanks guys.
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    Shirt Tail Garter / Shirt Stay Suspenders

    Hi guys Does anyone know where I can buy shirt tail garters/shirt stay suspenders locally? Like these from KK & J - Thanks
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    Not connecting after infrastructure upgrade

    Hi Guys I'm at work from 07:00 to 19:00, and unplug my router from the wall socket and telephone socket before leaving for work. Earlier this week I received an SMS saying Telkom is upgrading the infrastructure in my area, and that we may have interruptions. Not really a problem. The...
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    Connect to VPN, Connect to server and open in finder

    Hi Guys Google can't help me or my google-fu failed me. I have a work VPN connection set-up on my MacBook, which works, but I still need to click on "Go" and "Connect to server" before I am able to browse my work directory. Using parallels on my my Macbook, with the drive mapped on...
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    Yerba Mate retailer?

    Hi everyone Do any of you know of any retailers such as Dischem that sell Yerba Mate tea? I found this online retailer, but would prefer to go and buy the stuff in a shop. Thanks
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    new home office desk

    hi guys My current desk is all wobbly and old so I am looking for a new one for my study- preferably one of those L shaped ones. Do you guys have any recommended online retailers/suppliers or do you prefer to just run down to a Makro and buy one there? Thanks guys
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    Hi guys not sure whether this is the correct thread to post under, but anyway! Does anyone have experience with one of those Generic Piko Smart HDMI tv adapters? Takealot has a special on them: How do...
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    FNB MacBook stock

    Hi Does anyone know when FNB will have stock of the new MacBook Pro's? Looking to get a 13 inch pro model.
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    quiet pc's

    Hi guys where can i buy "silent" pc's from? Dont really have the time to build my own. Only found specialists overseas. Thanks
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    PS3 Damage assessment

    Hi My PS3 sustained damaged caused by a recent thunderstorm. Looking to claim from insurance but need to get the damaged assessed. Can someone point me in the right direction? Somewhere in Johannesburg close to krugersdorp? thanks
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    cannot get sh404sef to work. 404 errors everywhere!

    Hi, anyone here have experience with sh404sef? Need some help. I'll just give you my admin details so you can set it up and also my ftp details so you can see if my .htaccess is correct. PLEASEEEEEEE!!!!!!
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    smart database search

    Hi geniuses. Firstly, i have no knowledge of coding or any form of software development- so i hope what I am going to ask will make sense. I have someone working on a project for myself where a lot of data will be stored in a SQL database. I want a search engine where someone can type a...
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    building a hackintosh

    Hi guys I want to build a hackintosh for my brother. I found a list of components that are most compatible here: Here's a list of the components and their prices I found...
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    Headphones question

    I just bought me the Sennheiser 558 headphones via OrangeMusic yesterday due to a lot of people on MyBroadband and other related websites recommend them for everything. My one friend asked me how they compare to cmstorms, corsairs and other related gaming headphones in terms of gaming- ie...
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    point to point wireless network

    Hi guys Im moving to a new complex in about two weeks. One of my friends also has a house in the same complex. He's house is about 100meters away form mine (at most... may be be a lot less.). Is there some way we can setup a stable and decent wireless connection between the two houses...
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    Sennheiser HD555

    Hi need quotes for the Sennheiser HD555 headphones. Cant find any local retailer selling these. thanks
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    Sennheiser HD555 where to buy

    hi guys where can I buy these headphones locally?
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    Emigrating and a law degree.

    Hi guys, Next year will be my last year of studying for my law degree. Most of my subjects are completed with distinctions. I was also granted special permission from the dean of the law faculty to do both my BCom Law and LLB simultaneously. My average is between 75 and 80% and every law...
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    organizer hd

    hi guys i see oragnizer hd shows 21 countries one of the countries by any chance South Africa?? tthanks!
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    Military veterans pension

    Hi guys, I want to find out the easiest way to register for the veterans pension? I read somewhere the deadline is tomorrow? Any info one this topic would be appreciated.... Thank you!