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    What IPTV service is best?

    Hi, I'm looking at getting a premium IPTV service. I'm getting uncapped 100mbps fibre connection and want to cut the cord from DStv. I have 2 questions: What IPTV services do you recommend? Do I need a VPN? Thanks for any help you guys can give
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    DiRT 3 possibly best car game EVER!

    So I got Dirt 3... woa, wot a game! I really think it's the best car/driving game out there at the moment. Sure you could argue that Forza and Gran Turismo are more realistic but just take a few minutes to play Dirt 3 and I bet you won't wanna put it down. I've got it on Xbox so I'm...
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    Medicimage? Anybody done business with them?

    Medicimage limited is a company in durban selling apple products. I just wanna hear from at least 1 person who has done any kind of business with them. Are they legit?
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    Who has a 27" iMAC? How do you rate it?

    I'm thinking of getting a 27" quad core iMAC. If you have 1 can you tell me if they're as good as every1 says? On another note, has anybody done any business with a company in Durban called medicimage? Apparently they sell Apple products and I'm just wondering if they're legit.