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  1. Acid0

    Fake Note, what can I do with it

    So I have a fake Samsung Note 3 or 4 (lets just put it down to school fees and that why I stick with Apple as the fakes are a bit less). Everything is working as it should be. What can I do with it as a non productive device. I though of rooting it and just load a different firmware on it as...
  2. Acid0

    Apple macbook pro retina A1502 ssd upgrade?

    Has anyone upgraded their ssd in the macbook. I seem to run out of disk space due to installed apps. One way is to install on a usb drive. But I wonder if it might not be better to replace the hdd. Can I use any of the more popular brands like samsung or crucial or trancend drives or should it a...
  3. Acid0

    Main speaker replacement on Iphone 6 plus?

    Hi, I need to replace my main front speaker(top next to front camera) Could anybody recommend a shop in Joburg area where I can do this. I have never dealt with iFixit so I am not sure how good they are. Regards
  4. Acid0

    Xenon/LED headlight replacements?

    Hi there, My vehicle has halogen bulbs and I am thinking of replacing it. I know LED are a popular choice these days. So the question is what after market shop can I use and would you go with LED or xenons for the conversion? I see autostyle has some nice xenon conversion kits but not sure...
  5. Acid0

    Looking for Old classic Uplink game

    Hi there, Does anybody have a offsite archive version of the old classic UPLINK. I had the install file somewhere but lost it during the years I know steam has it for $10 ( i think) If anybody has a version that they want to send me you can PM me. If not then I will go to steam as last...
  6. Acid0

    The Division 2

    Who will begetting this on pre-order, release or wait. I am definitely getting it but I will wait for a month about to see if the most stuff is working and stable.
  7. Acid0

    Return item back to Amazon US

    Hi there, I need to return an item back to Amazon to purchase a different model as my model does not support my car. Who here have send stuff back? Did you use a courier or the Post office? I obviously have to pay for shipping back Regards
  8. Acid0

    2 Auxiliary inputs to one output

    Hi I need a bit advice from either an electrical minded person or audio person Before I cut my cables and try to solder them together again, I just want to find out if the following is possible. I need to have two input auxiliary feeding to one output. So in short what I want to do is the...
  9. Acid0

    Looking for hydrogen peroxide powder

    Does anybody know where I can find hydrogen peroxide powder in Gauteng? I have been to a couple of Dischems but no luck.
  10. Acid0

    Need help, Mobile App to sync with Oracle database is it possible?

    Hi there, is there a simple method or way to transfer data from a mobile app to a Oracle database? I understand that you will need a database on the mobile app like sqllite to be able to work offline and store the data. What I am trying to aim for is to be able to actually sync maybe once or...
  11. Acid0

    Network cable, where to buy

    Hi there, Does anybody know where to source the best priced Cat 6 cable. I am looking for about 300m cable I need to redo the house and the townhouse on my property. so I guess I will have to get the outdoor version for the townhouse and just normal inside the house What would be the best to...
  12. Acid0

    Official Android App development?

    Hi there, Is there any accredited institutions where you can learn Android app development in Johannesburg area. I would like to do a course in the app development to actually be able to put on my cv so I have enrolled in few Udemy courses but those you cant really put on your cv. Any...
  13. Acid0

    Code Library

    A while back I saw a code library for Java(can actually get used for any language I guess) that stored their classes and libraries as an app store look a like repository. I know its a niche thing but we are looking just to keep the day to day stuff a bit more light and fun and I thought that...