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    Where to find the following stuff

    I would like to know where do I purchase Second hand books, comic books and trading cards in bulk to use it as inventory in a retail store
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    Another option

    I am interested in getting certified by oracle for java programming but I would like to know do you need to pay for classes to prepare or can you purchase hardcover books from amazon to prepare for the java certification exam threw oracle?
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    need advice

    thank you for the advice talking to someone at the university will be a start
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    need advice

    unfortunately I did not deregister I am going to apply for my latest results but I dropped out at the start of the year before exams
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    need advice

    Currently I am undergoing treatment for mental illness, but before I am receiving treatment for my mental illness it affected my tertiary education studies as I dropped out of university I would like to continue my studies but I dont know what to do next