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    Migrating from Cool Ideas to Afrihost Pure Fibre

    Hi Guys I am migrating from cool ideas 100Mbps to Afrihost Purefibre 200Mbps (same price). I hope its a smooth transition. @CoolChick @PBCool Please ensure line is migrated smoothly No real reason for leaving cool ideas expect I need more speed and Afrihost came in cheaper. I had a few...
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    Loadshedding Kit - Inverter and Battery setup ?

    Hi Guys With so many option out there regarding Inverter and Battery setups. I would like to know what brands you use ? And how long do the battery actually last ? What batteries to stay away from etc. And other other valuable advice would be helpful. Thanks
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    2018 LG TV Service Menu

    Hi Any one got into the LG service menu of any OLED LG TV 2018 or SK8000 model ? Please share method if you have
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    Dolby Atmos Sound Bars - Any one have them ?

    Hi Guys I am thinking of ditching my old Samsung 5.1 system for a dolby atmos system such as the LG SK10Y or Samsung HW950 (both sound bars). Any one have these kinds of setups who can comment on the experience ? I was told by a sales guy they have sold 100 x HW950 Systems and these things are...
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    LG NANO Cell TV - SK8000

    LG NANO Cell TV - SK8000 Price R22 000 Reason for sale going with a OLED higher model. Age under a month with 2 year warranty Link below
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    Huawei P20 Pro, Any Good?

    Hey guys Looking for a replacement phone, I have been using Samsung since the Galaxy S2 and as much as Samsung are good phones I have grown tired of the brand and the look and feel of them. I am looking for a replacement for my galaxy S9+ (RIP). Any of you can comment on the Huawei P20 Pro ...
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    TP Link VDSL Router - G225

    Excellent working condition. 1 year old Selling because its no longer required migrated to Fibre. Price R300 each
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    Cool Ideas 200Mb package too expensive ? Openserve

    Is it me or is the 200Mbps package on openserve too expensive ? CISP = R2409 Cybersmart (900Gb FUP) = R1515 Afrihost Premium Uncapped = R2097 Hope prices drop next year
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    Openserve Fibre - Which ISP?

    Hi Guys Recently got openserve fibre in our Estate, we were told as it is a new install residents won't have to wait 2 - 3 weeks to install at most it would take 2 days. My first choice was Cool Ideas however they had my application Since last week Monday I gave them go ahead to proceed on...
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    I was in Ladysmith recently where i got good 8ta speeds and Ladysmith is in KZN!!!! In my area which the speeds are beyond slow common 8ta Ladysmith is a Farm Area and it has better speeds than Roodepoort which is a fully established area. EISH!!!