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    WATCH | Hijackers caught on camera - and nabbed in 13 minutes

    Like others have said, it looks staged. If you know you were going down, you won't just co-operate. You will go in with a fight, no matter what you are driving. Everyone looks too calm, staged.
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    Chaos and employees demanding tips - OR Tambo responds

    Best you guys don't go over to the States, you are even expected to tip even the barber.
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    Cape Town Northern Suburbs meet

    Fella's I stay in Dirtbinville so I might pop in. Will watch this thread to see what the final decisions are.
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    Test your broadband speed and win prizes worth R5,000

    Ping 2ms Download 203.37Mbps Upload 207.86Mbps Home-Connect
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    Test your broadband speed and win prizes worth R5,000

    Ping 7ms Download 208.45Mbps Upload 208.36Mbps Cipherwave
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    South African web hosting price comparison – Hetzner vs Afrihost

    Trying to move a domain to AH is like pulling hairs to try getting DNS records sorted before migration. I have literally given up. They don't even know how to re-enable a domain name hosted on their own panel.
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    Explosion at Somchem, Macassar (Somerset West)

    I was about 500 meters away when I saw it go off. The entire earth shook.
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    Port 80 blocked

    Hi guys I am turning here because I have tried everywhere else and no go. I have a client with a alias tied to a netgear DG834 which works 100%. I have portforwarded ports like 80/81/22/3389 etc etc and EVERYTHING works except port 80 which died last week for some reason...