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    This is football series on prime video

    Started watching this fantastic show.
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    Tomorrowland 2019 live channel for Roku

    I made a Tomorrowland Roku live channel featuring all 4 stages live and replays of sets to add the private channel add channel code “bighits” or
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    Watching Wimbledon semi final on the plane to Mauritius !

    I decided to try see if the sky is no longer the limit . I purchased a data bundle on air Mauritius a350 to try and watch semis through dstv now . At first it said region restriction , I then used my traveller service which I created . What’s cool is it redirects...
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    Too old to die young

    Starting watching this on Prime video .
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    The what’s new channel and music channel for Roku.

    I created a new Roku channel called the what’s new channel. It is an online TV guide showcasing all new releases on the big streaming channels as well as Free movies launch. It updates list everyday with shows that have good ratings . What’s also awesome is you can view trailer or play the show...
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    Now that’s what I call music South African Playlists

    I put together the old now music SA version playlists on YouTube.So far I’ve done 1 - 7. Which was your favorite one? My personal best was Now 3 and Now 4 Playlists links for 3 and 4 are below
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    Netflix and amazon prime video South Africa vs US titles

    Here’s how South African versions of amazon prime video and netflix fare compared to US Amazon Prime video South Africa has 7605 titles Amazon prime US has 20347 titles Netflix South Africa now has 4303 titles Netflix US has 5271 titles
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    The Dirt on Netflix

    Mötley Crüe drug , sex and rock n freakin roll .
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    Leaving Neverland

    Watched this documentary on HBO about new allegations against MJ . Very intense and shocking but are these guys just trying to get on the money train?
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    Polar on Netflix

    Kickass movie .
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    Cobra Kai

    This is awesome . Karate kid series .
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    The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

    Really enjoying this series.
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    Imagine Dragons vs Linkin Park mashup

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    Tomorrowland 2018 live HD Roku Channel

    I created a Roku channel that streams the 4 live HD channels from the Tomorrowland website . Tomorrowland is the biggest EDM festival on the world with some of the best DJs around. The festival is over 2 weekends. If you have a Roku device you can now watch on your TV. The link to add the...
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    It looks like Smartflix has shut down . It was a great concept and kudos to the developer. Pity we still live in a world where the www has border control. Paying the same price in dollars for 20% of the content as the US is not on.
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    Complete Netflix South Africa Catalogue

    Netflix South Africa has 678 titles compared to Netflix US which has 5754 . Here is a complete list of the shows available on Netflix South Africa Http://