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    Momentum And Awful Quoting Insurance

    I claimed directly once when a dude rear ended my wife (pun not intended). Had no issues. It's up to you in the end and usually better if 100% not at fault.
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    HDD retailer options

    The funny part is that Amazon is cheaper and has faster delivery than a local online retailer. What a joke. R1900 each delivered to my door.
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    Mercedes maintenance plan

    What mileage is in the car now and to what does it go to with that price tag?
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    HDD retailer options

    One of my WD red 4TB was throwing errors on my server so I sent it to takealot for the warranty claim. They have alleged damage so warranty is voided which I find unfathomable considering it's been in a server for the entire time and not touched. Have requested the official report and photos...
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    LTE Provider recommendations?

    How much is it ?
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    Mercedes maintenance plan

    What are the KMs? Sounds like the price to extend to 180000km.
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    Need Ritalin help

    How old are you?
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    The Official Xiaomi Thread

    Sounds like it needed a screen wipe and power cycle.
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    VW 1.4 TSI Misfire yay (Golf 7, 2014, 56 000km)

    One needs to start at the most obvious. For what it's worth I've replaced could packs a few times in my life onna turbo VW. First time was an over zealous engine clean that damaged the coils, and the others were missfires that didn't even come up as error codes. Just a faulty coilpack. It's...
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    VW 1.4 TSI Misfire yay (Golf 7, 2014, 56 000km)

    Coilpacks. Replace spark plugs at the same time. Will be sorted
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    Takealot CEO says it will be profitable in 2 years

    Amazon has a better model and delivery period than a local takaloe. I remember 5 years ago I used to order often but I haven't ordered anything for about 2 years now. The ripp off and rubbish 3rd party sellers have decreased the value proposition. I remember daily deals actually being good...
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    What is the best car you have ever owned?

    2009 scioroco 2.p DSG
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    Netflix Help

    It looks like it works via chrome, but it detects when you try to stream, maybe that's why I can't find a link to change the location..
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    Netflix Help

    Can't find the location change at
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    Is Nutella a dessert or a jam?

    It's main ingredient is now vegetable oil. It's changed the last two decades for the worst. Rather don't do it.
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    WATCH: Motorist attacked with a hammer in Fourways

    Why do motorists want to take the law into their own hands? It's a form of passive aggressive road rage. Then this happens and they wonder why? Not worth it, and yes I've learnt the hard way too. Road rage is real, this dude won't do that again at least. Risking his life.