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  1. Archer

    85,000 ebucks [sold]

    Item name (be very descriptive): 85,000 eBucks Age and condition: brand new, sealed in the box :p Do you include packaging: nope Warranty: N/A Reason for selling: I'm a level one scrub now and I want to buy shiny new toys Price: R8,500 Negotiable: Not at this price Location: far far away...
  2. Archer

    Looking for advice on second hand Renaults

    So I'm in the market for a "new"car (in other words used) and a 2014 Renault Megane caught my eye. Seems spacious with a decent looking interior, but are there any big issues that one should look out for on these models? Also note that I'm in the Netherlands where Renault is the second most...
  3. Archer

    Looking for anti static bags for PC parts

    I have somehow misplaced the anti static bags that came with my motherboard and GPU, and I need to pack them with me on a plane (in checked luggage obviously). If there is anyone in the Cape Town area that would be willing to part with theirs it would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Archer

    Alternatives to cash when travelling in the EU?

    Any suggestions since I'd prefer to not have a wad of cash with me (needs to get me through about 6 weeks most likely). And using the credit card is not going to be an option most of the time due to additional fees or simply not being accepted - outside of touristy stuff I've been told the...
  5. Archer

    House cleanup - various items

    Item: Various (see below), trying to clean up the house before moving again. Most items are going to end up being recycled end September if not sold, so offers are welcome but I reserve the right to tell you your offer is silly :p Packaging: most items without packaging unless otherwise...
  6. Archer

    MyBB Motorcycle Owners Thread

    A place for all of you mybb'ers on two wheels. Whether it's to commute, lazy Sunday rides or off into the bush, riding tips, training, the right gear to wear, anything at all regarding our two wheel machines :D And for those of you in the Cape Town area, lets organise a ride somewhere in the...
  7. Archer

    Finally found the bike I want

    Code 3... :cry: The seller "built it up" 5 years ago and has been riding it since for 40 000km (so its probably safe, mechanically sound etc) but ugh, just say code 3 up front, not all this other random lingo to try throw off potential buyers. So now I'm not keen at all, and his asking price is...
  8. Archer

    Career help - engineer to programmer

    I'm thinking of doing a career change, wanting to move from being an electromechanical engineer to something more programming oriented. What I would most like to get into is programming/building electronics since that would leverage my current engineering background, but anything that supplies a...
  9. Archer

    Home loans with rental income

    Quick question - trying to get pre-qualified for a loan so I know the ballpark the banks think I can afford. So in your experience, what percentage (if any) of rental income will banks allow you to put into your gross income? And what about if part of that rental would be from my current primary...
  10. Archer

    Bike DRLs - what colour

    Looking to add some DRLs to the hand gaurds on my motorbike to be more visible and I'm trying to figure out what colour to go for. Do I go for white LEDs and try get ones with a more bluish look (like 5500K, similar to Audi DRLs), or do I go for orange ones and possibly integrate my turn...
  11. Archer

    PC Chassis - what do you want?

    I really shouldnt be doing this before I've finished my current project, but I'm bored at work :p So... what would you guys like to see in a custom chassis? Since I might maybe possibly decide to make more than one... Something big with 10 HDDs, 20 fans and space for your extended family...