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    Vox outage Illovo

    Is anyone same like me whole day since morning half past eight
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    Vox insufficient bandwidth

    today I have observed insufficient bandwidth, and there is some packet loss seeing inside Vox network, feels conjunction is around. |------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| |...
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    Vox Telecome Slow internet at Illovo, Sandton

    who is experiencing slow download speed, and interrupted internet service. when i do, most of time , less than 2Mbit/s locally. when I use laptop to make pppoe connection, full download speed most time, but still interrupted internet service sometimes. Vox and Vumatel already took...
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    Vox upgraded my bandwidth from 4M to 10M

    i don't know if it's only ok for the Christmas, for upgraded forever.
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    Huawei P Smart , starting up Camera very slowly

    extreme slow to start up camera most of time. even with latest update.