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    Shocking video of Afrikaans street fight goes viral

    Sjoe its bad but I dont think it necessary to "put them down" just evict them
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    New Zimbabwe dollar the worst performing currency in the world

    That is my point exactly, when government buys the land it does not get transferred to the new owners but is still in the ownership of government and that does not get used as stats to show who owns land so for long whites will own more land according to the stats.
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    Traffic cop literally goes the extra mile while hanging onto moving car's bonnet

    I bet you the driver will sue her for damaging his/her vehicle ......
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    EFF push to abolish tenders

    He is right when he is our supreme leader there will be no tenders ... he will have all the contracts no one should try to outbid him
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    New Zimbabwe dollar the worst performing currency in the world

    We are always saying "At least they have land..." but do they really do. Do everyone have a deed of the piece of land he resides on or are they mostly nomads. It is exactly what happens here, the government throws the same stats that whites own most land but what they are not saying is that...
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    Court rules hidings for kids officially illegal

    Well for now my kid cant read yet thus I am ok for the next year or so before he can......
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    Funny Pictures Thread – No. 6

    Pppffft you fell for it... there is no chicks on the internet :)
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    Funny Pictures Thread – No. 6

    If I have to choose between a rugby match and my wife..... I will definitely google the rugby match results the next day ... :)
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    Respond to our demands or we vandalise property, workers tell ANC

    The only issue is normally the law abiding citizen bears the brunt from the violence
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    Zondo commission has cost SA R356m so far

    The only problem is they foreseen this and made it illegal to with hold tax.
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    Zondo commission has cost SA R356m so far

    So lets recap, it cost us R356 mil so far, and then after the commission is done they can flex their biceps and ...... make RECOMMENDATIONS.... nothing else just recommendations then it will be another 900mil to prosecute small fish if it will ever go that far. Just as the VBS bank thing noting...
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    The Nicholas Ninow Rape Case and Trial

    Let this man free, he obviously regrets what he did. Just please either drop him off at my street or in front of the little girls parents house. I will pay for the UBER ride promise
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    King Zwelithini: We will defend ourselves on land

    Well if he is a true king then he can just TAX his subjects to maintain his lifestyle.
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    Robert Mugabe has died

    Must b e honest stopped reading when I got here. So they still see Zim as a success story....... we are doomed if Zim is what we are going for....
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    The Zapiro Thread

    Unfortunately she was also a victim of Zuma and Malema
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    KZN: Father on the run after four children found “hanged” at home

    We need something like this, I will pay for the subscription
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    Nigerians offered free flight out of SA 'to escape xenophobic attacks'

    Please take the drug lords and scammers first. I will even help pay if need be
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    KZN: Father on the run after four children found “hanged” at home

    What I am saying is when it is your own children you have an additional bond, when it is not your own children you dont and it might make that choice easier. I dont justify what this monster did, but if you look at previous cases where children is either killed or abused to "punish" the mother...