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    Password Manager

    Keepass. Save db in Dropbox to sync with all your devices. Use iOS, Android, Windows apps to access.
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    Car trouble - jerking/misfiring

    Wow this sounds extremely similar to the issue I'm still having with my VW Jetta.
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    Cloud Backup Solution.

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    Huawei P30 Lite

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    Huawei P30 Lite

    Awesome. Thanks for confirming.
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    Huawei P30 Lite

    Does the P30 Lite from Telkom Mobile come with a screen protector and clear plastic cover?
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    Thoughts on Samsung Galaxy A50?

    Besides for one or two comments I've found searching here, for Samsung Galaxy A50 owners, what has your experiences been thus far? Specs seems superior to my old faithful Huawei Mate 7 currently still in use. Considering a change now. Assume Telkom Mobile has the 128GB/4GB RAM dual SIM variant?
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    Running for 4hrs calculation

    Would you mind sharing where I can get something like this from?
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    UPS Battery Replacement Question

    Lol. 100 bucks lasting you over 5 years! That's a great run.
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    UPS Battery Replacement Question

    It's actually hard to say. I know that usual clicking sound when it switched over to battery before but this time around it is something like a very faint click if that makes sense. I would say it isn't even trying to switch over. So yours is the other way around (ie doesn't switch back to AC) ?
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    UPS Battery Replacement Question

    So after leaving it charging a few hours yesterday, I was happy to see that it charged up to 90%, that is until our load shedding slot began a short while ago. Sadly though, my UPS isn't switching over to battery when it loses AC power. Might be a fault on my UPS itself. I'll probably have to...
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    Power inverter charger connection

    Manual probably in Chinese [emoji12]
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    UPS Battery Replacement Question

    Good idea. In my case though that will mean buying a charger and making up different power cables with the appropriate connectors for the devices I want. I'll get to that when I have a chance.
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    UPS Battery Replacement Question

    Awesome. Thanks for the help. [emoji106] Will test it out and post results here later