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    Lost Phone picked up on Find iPhone. Options?

    I lost an iPhone a few months ago and I put it into lost mode with a message basically stating a reward is offered and a contact number. A few weeks ago it pinged on find iPhone and I sent the message out again. After a day or so the phone went offline again. Now I see it's back on. I have the...
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    WATCH: Car left riddled with bullet holes in R21 ambush
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    HPCSA on Strike

    I received an email today
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    Apple announces iPad Pro and Mac event for October 30th

    I've been waiting to see how the rumours / speculations live up to the release of the new iPad Pro. LINK HERE
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    Cannot connect to 3G network

    Hi, I am currently sitting in Midrand and cannot connect to the 3G network. I have tried to select the 3G network but it remains on 2G (resulting in speeds slower than 4pm traffic on the N1). Note: I am disconnected from the network before I try switching to 3G Details of the card...
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    Question regarding signal and coverage

    Hi, I recently installed a High gain antenna I purchased from Poynting. I used the E620 tool to determine the best signal and I get a signal of around -57 to -61. The tower is visible and approximately 300m from my house in a little valley i.e. it is roughly at the same height as my antenna...