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    When did afrihost become this incompetent?

    On the first of May already I logged a fault as when I woke up at 5am, 3gb of data had already been deduced from my account, yet midnight to 8am is free data for capped accounts. My support ticket firstly took like 5 days to get a response, sure there were a few public holidays so I will not...
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    [WTF] I think Woolworths hired Jacob Zuma to do their math

    This was such a laugh, my mother has a Woolworths account and was confused by the interest charge on it with the last statement as its always settled at the end of every month. Turns out that when I went to pay it last, they had entered the incorrect amount and I had inadvertently paid 2 cents...
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    Takealot Rejects return for hardware fault as OS was changed

    Hell, it is few times you see stupidity in what should be a technical department. I returned my Acer Nitro (AMD) to takealot after expending enough of my time trying to/waiting for Acert o solve the hardware fault, for some or other reason their 2 Ryzen laptops have a fault where after cold...
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    [Cyclists]: New app to keep track of Bicycle components and services

    There are so many apps out there to keep track of what we are doing while cycling, but as Cyclists we all know there is a lot more than just having fun, at Lusus we felt we needed to help with that. With the Lusus Log book, we hope to help you keep track of all the other important things that...
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    MWEB (We may have to slow down your Internet speeds)

    ANyone else getting these emails, so far I have heard about a dozxen or so
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    Tapatalk 2 Beta 3

    The beta 6 (cant see a way to edit title) has just gone live, UI looks great and working pretty well Links removed