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    Computer keeps on dying.

    This problem occurs in three different ways. 1. Dead. Nothing lights up when on switch is activated. 2. Switch off the mains at the wall for 10 minutes. It will then switch on in that the blue and red light at the switch lights up. On screen "no signal. Will go into standby mode shortly."...
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    Connection to storage server failed.

    I get the above message every time I try to log into my emails. Help needed desperately.
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    Google Chrome- "Your connection is not private"

    Trying to connect to Afrihost to view my e-mails I get the above message with "Attackers might be trying to steal your info." Typing in "" the url states "not secure" and https is crossed out. This does not happen using internet explorer. Even googling www afrihost. com then...
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    How can a folder be called an application?

    Occasionally I get up in the morning and find my monitor on when it should be sleeping. I immediately check if any applications are running in task manager. This morning "Libraries" folder was displayed, a few weeks ago "movies" folder was displayed. Libraries is a folder in Windows 7 which...
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    Program sizes not shown.

    Windows 7 - I need to make space on my hard drive but "uninstall programs" in Control panel shows most of the programs without its size shown so I have no idea which ones take up the most space so I can decide which to uninstall. Is there any way I can view the sizes of all the installed programs?
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    Unable to remove program from my PC.

    I cannot uninstall or delete this Reimage program. I have deleted individual files but there are two that I cannot delete, namely, reiguard.exe and reisystem.exe. The attached image shows what comes up when I try to uninstall this rubbish.
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    Bell cordless phone/answer machine puzzle.

    I bought this item a few weeks ago so there should be no problems. Today on my mother's birthday I called all day and got a beep, beep sound each time. I assumed she was busy on her phone. I later was told that she had been trying to phone me all day and could not get through. Finally I...
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    Monitor regularly wakes up during the night.

    Generally this problem is blamed on a new mouse or some other new hardware. The newest hardware I have is my monitor which is six months old. This problem started two weeks ago and I have not installed any new software. So can someone please suggest what could be causing this?
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    Ramsonware query.

    My free Panda antivirus displayed a message relating to Ransomware. There was an option to "fix now" but it also stated that my present version could not sort out the problem, that I needed an upgraded version. I do not know if this was a message resulting from a genuine threat or if it was...
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    Monitor taking ages to wake up.

    I'm running windows 7 and my monitor is a Samsung SyncMaster 740N. While it is quite old visually it is still perfect. Last week on moving the mouse it took a few seconds to wake up from standby. It now takes a few minutes. Last night I switched the monitor off and this morning it took three...
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    Looking for a new open world PC game.

    The Witcher Wild Hunt has the best graphics of any open world game. I have played it three times and now am looking for another game. There are many "best open world games" on the web but on investigating deeper I discovered conflicting views on each game. Can someone please help me decide...
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    Google not remembering recent history.

    Playing a PC game "The Witcher Wild Hunt" every day I search sites and forums and all I then have to type to view a list of all recent activity is "The" but this has suddenly changed. Typing "The" simply produces a short list, namely The weekend - The flash- The Citizen, nothing more. I have to...
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    Unable to access Steam.

    I log in with my user name and password as I do most days but now it requires an access code that is being sent to my e-mail address. When the mail eventually arrived I copied the code and pasted it where required, only to be told it was not quite right. I then tried to send a message to Steam...
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    Google Chrome problem.

    I hope I am using the correct section for this post. I've been using Google Chrome for years with no problems. Suddenly it freezes after about 30 seconds. I then wait until the message that the page is not responding appears, "wait" or "kill". I select kill then open another tab and proceed...
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    Door phone bell but what produces the sound?

    I have a Kocom door phone with the bell switch wired from the gate to the phone in the house. It has stopped working and naturally I first checked the wiring but found no fault. 6v DC reaches the phone inputs. I opened up the unit and while I found nothing untoward, I am left wondering what...
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    White frothy bubbles pumping into pool.

    My new pool cleaner has not been performing well. I was informed that the problem is the filter sand. I have just spent hours cleaning the filter. I removed the filter lid and with a hose pipe running strongly in the filter I let the mud and much overflow out the filter until the sand was...
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    Pay pal query.

    I am trying to do a pay pal payment but my old master card number is displayed. Since my last transaction that card was cancelled and I now have another card with a different number. I see no options to change my card number. Help needed please.
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    New Kreepy Krauly Pro problems.

    In less than two weeks I have detected the following problems. 1. After back washing, it works well for a few days then slows down and finally stops working even though the suction at the weir is enough to suck my hand into the pipe. On inspection I find no debris blocking the unit. 2...
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    What pool cleaner should I buy?

    My Gemini Twinsweep cleaner has me outside every few minutes to remove it from the steps and to get the entire floor covered I have to attach a cord from the center hose to a tree branch, regularly moving the cord to another position. I have forgotten what it is like to have a cleaner that...
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    E-mail remains in outbox.

    I'm running Windows 7 with Windows Live Mail. When I had XP e-mails were sent immediately but now they can take ages. I have been trying to send an e-mail with about 1.5mb file attachments since yesterday but it remains in the outbox. I have just this moment opened the e-mail in the outbox...