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  1. qscwbt

    Crappy pressure from shower

    Change your shower head to a smaller one. Bigger shower heads have low pressure. Yo also might have a shower head that simulate rainfall fall. this will be a soft shower. These 8 litre a minute shower heads have good pressure.
  2. qscwbt

    SA's prisons could run out of beds as crime rate surges

    So here my suggestion. Turn old mines into prisons. Build more prisons then lets hang: Murderers , child molesters, rapists and any violent criminals. Also let prisoners do hard labour 10 hours a day to give back to the community. they should be too tired to come up with ideas and gangs in...
  3. qscwbt

    The SABC owes me R16 million for DStv deal – Motsoeneng

    Entitlement is strong in this one.
  4. qscwbt

    "Young adults" with big cars RANT

    And it will most likely look exactly the same as the current golf.
  5. qscwbt

    "Young adults" with big cars RANT

    So Here is the thing. Never be jealous of anyone's success. Be happy for them. Your turn would come when it is suppose to. My first car was a 72 vw beetle when I was in my 20s. My friends all drove brand new m3. The guy walking to work is admiring the fact that you can drive to work.
  6. qscwbt

    paint / plaster detached from wall

    The secret here is to use Rhinolite
  7. qscwbt

    Buying an EV in South Africa

    What is claimed by the manufacturer and what happens in real life is 2 different things. The issue is driving style when and how you charge has an effect on the battery life. Something as stupid as a car parked in the sun will effect battery life. Heat is a battery killer. I read a article on...
  8. qscwbt

    Best steak ?

    Ribeye mmmmm
  9. qscwbt

    Best steak ?
  10. qscwbt

    2020 World Car of the Year

    one is the z4 and the order is the z4 zupra
  11. qscwbt

    Slain taxi operator was a hero fighting scourge of drugs: Cyril Ramaphosa

    Squirrel ramaposa is loosing the plot
  12. qscwbt

    VW 1.4 TSI Misfire yay (Golf 7, 2014, 56 000km)

    I would have the battery checked. Is might be that the battery is busy dying and causing havoc on the electronics. Modern cars want consistent power. It might explain why it is missing when standing.
  13. qscwbt

    2020 World Car of the Year

    ANd the winner will be porsche:laugh::laugh::laugh:
  14. qscwbt

    Thousands to lose jobs month end at Tongaat Hulett

    So people are eating less sugar. Its not the end. Start using sugar cane to produce ethanol. For a Win win 1. Hulett expands there range 2. New industry means more jobs. 3. Add this to our fuel 25%. Its cleaner burning. and we can get better performance and 25% less oil to import.
  15. qscwbt

    So what's up with this new Coke less sugar crap?!

    Pepsi Max tastes 10 times better than the plastic coke.
  16. qscwbt

    2019 Toyota Corolla (Gen 12)

    is it just me or is Toyota cars getting more and more boring and bland.