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    LastPass, what an excellent password manager

    After constantly having to open KeePass to copy and past my passwords into websites or using it's (rather lacking) auto-login, I decided to try LastPass and I have to say it is just awesome!! It's free for standard usage, but if you want to use it with your iPhone, you'll have to pay $1 a...
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    Cybersmart and SEACOM

    I received this email from Cybersmart this afternoon:
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    Yebo Millionaires Letter Generator

    I created this simple page to generate random VodaCom Yebo Millionaires Letter Sequences. Please let me know if you find it useful.
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    Debonairs... Horrible

    On Friday I went to Debonairs and ordered two pizza's. The customer service was terrible, the dude didn't want to help me... douche. He told me I had to wait 20 minutes, so I did. But he only gave me my pizza's after an hour!! When I got home I thought I'll enjoy the yummy pizza, but just my...
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    Vodamail Super Fast

    I noticed how considerably faster Vodamail's IMAP mail server is in comparison to my ISP's IMAP mail server. Is this because they provide a few dedicated mail servers in their data center in Midrand or is it just because most people use their e-mail service for mobile [text-only] e-mail?
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    Songbird Music Player, from Mozilla... awesome!!

    Have you tried Songbird from Mozilla? It's awesome!! I recently had problems with my album art in Winamp and I just couldn't get a solution for it. So I tried Songbird and it solved the problem immediately! It wrote the album artwork metadata to each and every mp3, whereas Winamp just looks for...
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    Fly-by-Night Web Hosts

    Has anyone here had any unfortunate dealings with a fly-by-night web host? I have. A year ago I signed up with a web host called (which doesn't exist anymore). I was impressed with their prices and I registered a domain with them and let them host my domain. After a while I...
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    Axxess SEACOM accounts?

    Did anyone notice this message in the Axxess Control Panel? So what does this mean to us as Axxess customers? Maybe a choice between SAT3 and SEACOM packages?
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    Google Groups 500 Server Error

    I recently cancelled my normal ***** Google Account and created a new Google Account with a custom e-mail ****@**********.com As it happens, this custom e-mail address is hosted with Google Apps. So everything works fine, Google recognises the two accounts as separate accounts...
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    PC Vendor Warranties

    I'm not as clued up about PC vendor warranties as I'd like to be. My hard drive has been replaced two times in less than a year by the PC vendor I bought it from. I was told I have a 5 year warranty on the HDD when I initially purchased it but the PC vendor has shortened their warranty...
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    R1000 Google AdWords Credit FREE

    Hey everyone I just received an email from Google with a voucher code for R1000 free AWords credit. Now I closed my AdWords account a long time ago when I closed my website, but this is an invite to open it again. Anyone want the voucher? I assume it's transferable. PM me if you want me to...
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    ComX Computers - Seagate Bad Experience

    I purchased one of the Seagate hard drives that break so easily last year from ComX Computers and it failed about three months after purchasing it. I returned the hard drive to them and they swopped it out for a new one (same model and brand). Now the hard drive has failed yet again, all my...
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    Time Share Telemarketers

    Just got another call from the absolutely irritating time share telemarketers... I just love making the call as long as possible and playing along, asking them to spell out the address of their "business" and telling them at the end of the call that I am under age :D Would like to know what...
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    Thanks NEHAWU

    Thanks NEHAWU for taking my recess away!! Just because you decided to continue with strike action at TUT even when there was nothing to strike about I am going to miss out on my only holiday this year Nice!! :mad:
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    Akamai cached sites not going through Axxess local account

    I've tried switching my local and international accounts in Route Sentry so I can access international sites (e.g. NASA website) that are cached through the IS Akamai servers with my local-only account but my requests just time out. So I basically want to know if anyone has been able to...
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    Telkom eServices Website Down

    Telkom Website Down I've been trying for two days to access Telkom eServices to pay my Telkom bill online but the page just times out. If I access Telkom's main page, the site loads in plain black and white text with no formatting. If I use an international proxy, the whole site loads fine...
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    ANC Support Base Shrinking?

    If this is anything to go by, the ANC :sick: is gonna see their behinds in the elections
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    SMS gets forwarded to stranger (VodaCom)

    I recently sent an SMS to a friend of mine who has a 084 number on VodaCom's network (He ported his number from Cell C more than a year ago). A few minutes afterward I get a call with the person asking me why I am sending them these messages... from another strange 076 number. I call VodaCom...
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    Seacom Progress

    Saw the flash progress indicator at SEACOM's website and thinking it's an awesome and simplistic way of letting people know how the project is progressing :D
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    The Only Unproxified South African ISP

    I recently noticed that my ISP, CyberSmart, is no longer forcing their customers to go through their proxy! I have been doing an IP test regularly here and my results during the day are: Your IP address is Your reverse DNS resolves to...