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    Horse Racing Daily Predictions/Tips

    I need this in my life
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    Vendor Neutral Map

    Hi There Is there such a thing as a vendor neutral, regularly updated, fibre coverage map that one can find online? If not, and you decide to create it, I need my share from you. ;)
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    Credit Card Application

    Noted. I'll use it for Uber & Taxify mainly, and maybe some online shopping (which doesn't happen that much currently anyway) and pay it off at month end. I even went to the extent of dropping my offered limit, so I know I won't go crazy. That way, I'll improve my credit sc
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    Horse Racing Daily Predictions/Tips

    Results Race 1 - 01/07/05/06 Race 2 - 05/04/06/01 Race 3 - 10/09/03/13 (Quartet = 11755.00)
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    Nokia 8 address formatted incorrectly

    Messaging Settings?
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    Manny Pacquiao vs. Adrien Broner

    Said he did it for the hood [emoji23]
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    Rain Not Activated, 4 Days gone

    Sometimes, it's just a simple case of capitalising the R in rain. That shouldn't happen. Or, you don't have coverage.
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    Rain Not Activated, 4 Days gone

    Screenshot your APN settings
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    Credit Card Application

    Yeah, that too. Will definitely take advantage of the 55-day interest free period.
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    Credit Card Application

    Update: My application has been accepted by Standard Bank, for their Gold Card. Will use it sparingly. Thanks Guys.
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    Lightning strikes

    I'd say go for LTE with External Antenna, but ... Ya. Why wasn't anything earthed when it was installed?
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    Credit Card Application

    He told me that he had a problem with the "ongoing" part of my contract, hence he declined my application.
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    Credit Card Application

    11 Years Ago, Yes, but OP had his application declined by them because he wasn't permanent: With regards to Capitec Bank, I think that maybe the branch has been having problems with that or maybe it's some NCR thing. IDK They check your 3 months payslips & check if...
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    Who is the best website hosting company in South Africa?

    Kulula = It's Easy Khulula = Emancipate/Set Free Mahhala = Free
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    Credit Card Application

    Hi all. Quick question, but scenario first: Last year November, I applied for a Capitec Bank CC; all went well until I was asked about which contract am I on. You see, I couldn't give them a straight answer since, at work I am regarded as a part timer, but I work everyday for the full 8 hours...
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    Rain Mobile Feedback Thread

    Got delivery of my card today, put it in my phone & viola. These results are as they are besides the fact that the coverage map said I shouldn't bother. On the coverage map, there shouldn't be any coverage but here I am; posting this via Rain.
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    Banyana qualifies for France World Cup

    Great job by the ladies, now let's bring it home
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    What Radio Station Do You Listen To Daily?

    Weekdays 05:00-19:00 • Metro FM 19:00-20:00 • Radio 2000 Weekends Metro FM Radio 2000 when the [emoji967] is on.