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  1. SAguy

    Standard Bank annoying anti fraud steps

    I know that fraud is rife, and people are getting defrauded left right and centre - but jislaaik, it's annoying when every month some of my transactions get blocked for potential fraud. DynDNS Google Suite etc What happens is: 1. Get SMS like normal about a debit order 2. Get email from...
  2. SAguy

    How demanding should I be

    Had a canopy fitted yesterday and the light inside the canopy stopped working within a day. Obviously I need to get them to fix it, but getting to Beekman requires me to take time off from work and spend hours waiting around for them to fix it. Would I be unreasonable to expect them to send...
  3. SAguy

    Etzebeth in trouble

    Well this can't be good, if it turns out to be true there's a real chance of him not going to WC if people start rallying against him. Bok star denies ‘unfounded’ claims
  4. SAguy

    Good labour lawyer

    Does anyone have a good labour lawyer they've dealt with before? Have a restraint of trade/non-compete question that I'd like an experienced response on.
  5. SAguy

    Beekman canopies

    Looking to get a canopy for my double cab, I currently have one of those armadillo type roller covers on that isn't working out anymore. There seem to be quite a few different brands, but the Beekman seems to be reasonably priced: Including colour matching, tinted windows, cab slider - total...
  6. SAguy

    Carbonite registration - how long?

    How long does it generally take for mod approval on Carbonite site? See something I'm keen to buy, just worried I may lose out if it takes too long.
  7. SAguy

    Buying safely off Gumtree

    Any ideas how I would be able to buy something safely off Gumtree when the person is in another province? I can't think of a good way to do it while everyone is still safe in the purchase, saw someone selling an intel nuc that I would like.
  8. SAguy

    Any woodworkers?

    I'm looking for someone to make two little boxes with a drawer for me for pc monitor stands. Needs to be neatly made and look good, which I don't have the skill/time/energy for. Pretty much like this: Blue section is the face of the drawer, with just a circular hole to use when opening the...
  9. SAguy

    Raztech branded products, potential fire hazard?

    Bought a Raztech displayport to hdmi adapter that doesn't work, tried multiple screens/pc's/hdmi cables, same result. Adapter also gets very hot within seconds, to the point where I imagine it would become dangerous. I suspect they are just reselling crappy china town quality items under their...
  10. SAguy

    Standalone fan speed controller

    I'm busy with my network cabinet build and I thought what I'm looking for would be easy to find, but it turns out it's not. I have two Corsair AF120 12v fans that I'm going to fit into my cabinet. I'm looking for a fan speed controller that: Has a temperature probe to determine cabinet...
  11. SAguy

    Should I get a wall cabinet?

    I've got a bunch of things on my desk (routers, mini pc, raspberry pi, switch etc) that I'd like to get off it. None of it is rack mountable. I was thinking though that the neatest would be to maybe get a 6u cabinet and put it up on the wall with a shelf or two. Then at least 90% of the cabling...
  12. SAguy

    Which 27" monitor

    I'm looking to get two monitors for my home office, I don't game - so they are just for work, browsing, some recreational sheet music editing. I'm an older 2015 macbook user (so no usb c ports). I've looked at 2 monitors on takealot...
  13. SAguy

    Anyone have the jojo booster pump?

    This one: If yes, what is the pressure like on yours? The pamphlet says it does 3.6bar of pressure, but I seem to get no more than 1.5 and that's with using their connection kit pictured above. Anyone's experience differ?
  14. SAguy

    Dstv remote, can't unmute

    I've got a dstv single view hd decoder and the remote has the feature to control the tv volume. So I set that up a while ago. Now it seems like the dstv has somehow muted itself, I can see the dstv mute symbol on the tv - but because the volume and mute buttons on my remote control the TVs...
  15. SAguy

    Deciding between two outcomes

    So I'm driving along a road with 2 lanes in either direction. I'm in the left lane and a car is in my right lane about 5 metres behind me. Suddenly a car comes out of a sidestreet to my left and drives about halfway into my lane and I have a split second to decide, t bone this idiot in front of...
  16. SAguy


    So out of interest I looked up the word racism on a few dictionaries and realised something I never thought of. Racism is the belief in the superiority of one race over another, which often results in discrimination and prejudice towards people based on their race or ethnicity. Based on this...
  17. SAguy

    Anyone using GSuite for personal/home domain?

    I've been using GSuite for a couple of years now, have always had my own domain so thought heck - may as well use GSuite so I can get a 'nice' email address and continue using Gmail interface. I'm so tied into it, but I'm considering getting rid of GSuite. Because it is supposed to be targeted...
  18. SAguy

    Webafrica, can't unsubscribe from emails

    Not sure where to put this, but Webafrica is working on my nerves. Been getting emails from them for the past six months to sign up for fibre, and I can't unsubscribe from emails. Click on the unsubscribe button then I get this: Or this: Mailed their sales team and they just ignore me...
  19. SAguy

    What's the word

    When someone does a survey and they maybe only ask like 10 people, then you say it's a limited [subset/group/???] I feel like there's a different way of phrasing this, or a word that's escaping me right now.
  20. SAguy

    Titanium dental implant

    Has anyone here had experience with having a tooth replaced with a titanium implant? Where they insert a titanium screw into your jaw and then have a fake tooth screwed onto it. Pain? Cost? Doctor?