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  1. Inevitability

    active car forum?

    hello people! I recently bought an Opel Zafira and I'm looking for a forum where I can discuss car-related stuff with petrolheads and DIY enthusiasts, preferably people who are into Opels. There used be a fantastic Opel forum that I cant find anymore :( Anyone got any ideas?
  2. Inevitability

    buying a car registered in Swaziland/Botswana

    howsit people, I am looking to buy a mid-2000's car (cos those are the limit of my budget) and I noticed a couple of them on OLX/Gumtree that look to be in really really good condition, with low km's but the ad says they are registered in Botswana and Swaziland. (OLX/Gumtree concerns aside...)...
  3. Inevitability

    Budget headphones (R300 budget)

    Hi myBB, I need a set of headphones for using at work. Don't wanna spend any more than R300. I'm no connoisseur, but instead of something randomly picking up whatever was on the Incredible/Makro/HiFi shelf when I walked past, i thought I'd ask you guys what's the best (or at least a good) set...
  4. Inevitability

    help with a budget TV

    Hi myBB, I am in need of a tv, but on a tight budget (the nearer to R5k, the better) for general tv watching, movies, and YouTube. Until very recently, I had a 10-year old 40" Sony (S-series) , which I was very happy with... had an old desktop connected directly to it for streaming and browsing...
  5. Inevitability

    Sectional Title : SGM without the managing agent present (urgent situation)

    Hi myBB, I really hope someone knows the answer to this... My sectional title complex needs to pass an urgent resolution to cut costs but the managing agent isn't available until mid-Feb. By that time we'll be in deep s**t. Can the Trustees call an SGM (making sure to follow the correct...
  6. Inevitability

    one-way car rental

    Hi myBB, Have you guys done one way car rentals where you pick up the car in one city, drive to another city and drop off there? I wanna rent a car for 1 day to drive to Durbs... I see a few rental companies offer this service ... Just checking who's has a good experience, at a good price, from...
  7. Inevitability

    Galaxy S2 - controlling Depth of Field?

    n00b photographer here... just wanted to know how to set/control the depth of field using my Samsung Galaxy S2. i notice that if i take a closeup, it automatically reduces the DoF (see below). But if I wanna do a pic where the subject is a distance from the camera, I don't know how to get it to...