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    The New Tool Album is Here!

    Holy f-balls! 4 Songs in and it is blowing my mind!
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    2018 Jeep Wrangler (JL)

    ****! You can buy something a whole lot nicer for that amount of money. Pricing is absolutely mad.
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    CCMA Process

    Where are you located?
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    CCMA Process

    Been through it, best would be to go see a lawyer that does CCMA cases. Go for a consult, they will be able to advise you and the best route to take.
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    Where can I change battery for Key Fob in CPT?

    Dude, it is super easy. Just changed my the other day. Think most of them use the 2032 size flat round ones. You can buy those anywhere. Bought mine at Checkers
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    Thuli Madonsela: White people should acknowledge privilege and contribute to restorative justice

    Sure, just tell me exactly what I should contribute, how much of it, for how long and exactly to whom the contribution must go. So tired of this crap... Do you want my house, sure take it along with the bond I pay, want my car, take it along with the lease, want my salary that I have earned...
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    New Rammstein Album

    This album was totally worth the wait!
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    JBL Flip 3

    Cool man, will also try calling them again.
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    JBL Flip 3

    So you eventually got through to them? Was the R500-R900 just to check out what was wrong or for repairing it?
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    JBL Flip 3

    I also heard it is Mastercare. Sitting with a JBL Extreme that also needs to be checked out
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    Suzuki owners

    I have an Ignis, not 2 years old and it is slowly busy falling apart. The one bolster in the driver's seat has ripped and has basically collapsed. It does not have a frame, just a piece of foam glues on, It also has started creaking something awe full, it sounds like you are sitting on a church...
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    Motorsport Enthusiasts? Model Slot Car Racing in Tableview.

    Awesome! Was part of a club ages ago in Pretoria-West, was loads of fun. Maybe I must dust off my cars and come take a look.
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    "A Game of Thrones" discussion thread

    I couldn't give 2 shits about the rest of the books now. To me GRRM spoiled it by not finishing the books in the first place.
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    The Best sounding car you have ever heard.

    Mercedes-Benz SLR. Man that sounded sweet. Saw and heard them when they brought 12 or so down to the Cape for it's launch
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    Wine Tours Cape Town

    Will you be having a car? If so, just google wine farms and go to them. There are literally hundreds of places to go to. You can also give this a go.
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    "A Game of Thrones" discussion thread

    So being utterly disappointed with how the last season is turning out, I now hope Dany looses it even more, kills Jon, Tyrion, Davos and Arya, climbs on her dragon, teleport her army to the north and destroy Winterfell and then rule the 7 kingdoms with the fear she has created.
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    "A Game of Thrones" discussion thread

    Let alone on a moving ship. That scene is just truly retarded.
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    "A Game of Thrones" discussion thread

    What gets me the most is the utter stupidity of the Stark/Targ army and their advisers portray. Surely Tyrion and Jamie should have know that Cersei would never surrender and would go out of her way to back stab and manipulate. Like a previous post, how is it possible that they didn't see the...
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    "A Game of Thrones" discussion thread

    Do these idiots not know what scouts are???
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    Bad Driving thread

    True story. Or there will be a truck or two in the right hand lane creeping up the hill.