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    Cybercrimes Bill: Today is the last day for feedback to Parliament

    The Cybercrimes bill is a disguised version of the failed Secrecy bill. If you feel as strongly about this as I do, then please make your voice heard -- today is the last day for personal submissions. The issue, and links to provide feedback...
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    The takedown of Black Opinion website: Poor SA Internet law

    An interesting opinion in the Daily Maverick regarding the takedown of the Black Opinion website. Is freedom of speech in South Africa under threat? Is the ECT act flawed...
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    Strike: Home Affairs office in Centurion

    So much for the "Strike Averted" two days ago:
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    Rack for home

    I'm looking for an enclosure for a few pieces of kit at home. Nothing fancy, nothing large, 16-20u or so, but needs to go with the decor (stylish industrial look, black, silver and red (and in that order, no eighties beige which is only good for drying biltong in the garage)) and needs to house...