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    South African Bitcoin wallet raises R18 million

    Craig Wright has been proven numerous times to be a scammer. BSV is a scam trying to convince people it is Bitcoin. "They support the original Bitcoin protocol in the form of Bitcoin SV"... Nobody actually believes this BSV is the original Bitcoin, not even Craig-faketoshi-Wright.
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    Scientology Advertisement on National Geographic

    Does anybody have recordings of the Scientology ads that are showing on National Geographic? Scientology is a dangerous cult, publicly partaking in the practices of brainwashing and "Disconnection" (separating members from society). I plan on launching a campaign against these advertisements...
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    Bank SCAM warning: calls to your phone

    I received a call today from an Afrikaans woman asking me where I lived so they could deliver some "Absa documents". After telling her she might have the wrong number and trying to confirm they are speaking to the right person, she quickly hung up. What is fishy about this is that the "from"...
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    Schizophrenia described in a comic

    I couple of months ago I had a discussion with a guy on these forums who claimed he was being watched by a government satellite and that they were beaming messages into his brain. I tried to argue with him that this is impossible. I just read this comic...
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    Strange R8.77 on my bill, every day at 14:00 for 1 second

    On my Altech bill for January 2009, it shows a list of calls under "SA Originating Other". Each call is made within about 5 minutes of 14:00, the Number Dialed just shows "082" and the Duration is "00:00:01". The Cost is "8.77". This adds up to about R263 per month. Any idea what I'm being...
  6. P - Contractless Free Modem Locked? is advertising 1GB ADSL including line rental and a free modem with no contract for R199 per month. Does anybody know whether the modem is locked to Polka? What is to stop somebody from signing up, receiving the modem and then switching over to another ISP?