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    Apple working on in-display fingerprint sensor

    And then Apple is going to convince the world that they have invented and perfected in-screen finger print scanning.
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    Official Home Alarm Discussion Thread

    Just an update, version 2.6.1 for IOS was released which fixed the slider bug on IOS.
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    Official Home Alarm Discussion Thread

    Quite strange This is reply that I got back from Paradox: "I am sorry to hear that you encountered this issue. Please note that I have checked with mobile team and they confirmed there's an issue with bypass buttons in latest version. They said the issue have been fixed and a new version...
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    Official Home Alarm Discussion Thread

    I also thought so yes but wife is running stock standard ios 12.4 with exactly the same problems, open the slider to access the zones and the app froze. You can't close the slider and you cant bypass any zones, only way out is to kill crap.
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    Official Home Alarm Discussion Thread

    Thanks, I see what you mean. I still have problems with the app freezing when I slide open the zones but this may be due to IOS13 beta program which i am running. Pity as the previous version was running nicely on beta apple.
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    Official Home Alarm Discussion Thread

    Hi, anybody using the Paradox Insite Gold App from Swan? App was working ok, till this morning when it was upgraded to version 2.6 and now I cant cant bypass any zones anymore (Panel for that dissapeared). Quite irritating to say the least!
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    Fibre ISP for Home Use

    I would stay away from Webafrica, they are the masters of throttling/shaping and having a FUP of 100GB is just ridiculous. I would much rather go for someone like Cool Ideas - R499 with no FUP, no throttling and unshaped.
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    Outdated Mikrotik RouterOS on Vox FTTH?

    Your PPPoE credentials for the router is displayed on your account.
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    Next FitBit could include Alexa

    Fitbit = CRAP!!
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    Vodacom data prices could be slashed in half

    The moment Shameel Joosub opens his mouth I move on to the next topic....
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    Afrihost Pure Fibre Giveaway - Win Free Fibre worth over R25,000

    Location: Eldoraigne, Centurion Fibre provider: Openserve Package: 100/50 uncapped
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    The best alternatives to DStv

    Maybe a bit off topic but how can I get rid of these highly irritating outsurance adverts on dstv. Some ad-blocker for explora, I mean I understand that adverts has some place on TV but I can only watch so much idiotic adverts from outsurance. If it wasn't for wife I would have cancelled this...
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    Vox + Openserve uncapped fibre opinions

    Running 100Mbps Uncapped on Vox and I can't be more happy. The price is really affordable and there service very acceptable to me.
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    This what you can expect: Webafrica.

    Easiest way to get rid of your problem is to get rid of WA. That sorted ALL my problems!
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    Please Rate Vox

    According to you can get Vumatel 100/100 uncapped at Vox for R1239
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    Please Rate Vox

    On the 100Mbps uncapped and I can't be happier. Speed is consistently good as well as their technical support. Only issue I have is their financial department, probably the most incompetent bunch of people I ever had to deal with. Changing from one package to another happens in no time but to...
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    Telkom cuts uncapped fibre prices

    Yes you are basically correct: 100Mbps Uncapped: • At 1000GB consumed (66% of soft cap) – drop speed to50Mbps • At 1250GB consumed (83% of soft cap) – drop speed to25Mbps • At 1500GB consumed (100% of soft cap) – drop speed to 10Mbps until end of the month Our household normally don't use...
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    Uncapped fibre for R649 - Telkom's July Big Deal

    Sure but on Telkom you will be throttled like hell while Cool Ideas is unshaped, unthrottled with no FUP. Routers are the cheapest part of your fibre contract.
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    Telkom cuts uncapped fibre prices

    Vox 100Mbps Uncapped on Openserve : R1156 -- Telkom is a ripoff!
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    Uncapped fibre for R649 - Telkom's July Big Deal

    Ripoff!!! Cool Ideas R499 pm , free router, month to month.