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  1. Crusader

    Takealot returns damaged item as the replacement item

    I couldn't find a better spot for this, but have to share. I recently ordered an expensive omnibus from Takealot. The book arrived with damage to the corners of the hardcover due to the totally inadequate packaging Takealot used. I logged a return and today received the replacement. I was...
  2. Crusader

    Lenovo Legion Y520 Warranty and questions

    I've recently purchased a Lenovo Legion Y520, i7700 with the GTX1060 GPU. The HDD seems to be the biggest bottleneck since it's a 5400rpm mechanical drive (although I haven't tested gaming performance so far). I'm wondering if anyone knows if replacing the HDD with an SSD would void the warranty...
  3. Crusader

    Meteor over Russia

    The article seems a bit full of speculation, but I'm sure more accurate details will become available later.
  4. Crusader

    TMobileSA billing me for service I never subscribed to!

    I just received the following subscription SMS: 'The greatest time wasted is the time getting started. Dawson Trotman. SMS STOP to 37459 OR Call 27839007195' Did some searching and found out it's from T Mobile SA. I'v never subscribed to any such service, and according to MTN I was...
  5. Crusader

    The Official ebook Reader Thread

    Since it appears that many of the members have embraced the wonders of ebook readers (reader devices) I think it apt that we have a 'device agnostic' spot to discuss ebooks, ebook readers (the devices!), share links to freebie e-books available online and find out where us South Africans can buy...
  6. Crusader

    How an intern stole NASA's Moon rocks

    I never even knew something like this happened.
  7. Crusader

    Send your name to Mars!

    Here's something fun from NASA. You can fill in your name and it will stored on a microchip that will be send to Mars onboard the new Mars Science Laboratory Rover, newly named "Curiosity", set to launch in 2011. Send your name to Mars You even get a certificiate of participation you...
  8. Crusader

    Atlantis captures Hubble sucessfully

    Everything looks good so far! Let's hope it continues that way.
  9. Crusader

    Amazon Kindle DX - I want one!

    Since most of the readers hang out here I thought it would be the right place to post this. Amazon just announced the Kindle DX: This seriously looks like eBook readers are maturing to mainstream readiness. I definitely wouldn't mind getting my hands on one. Too bad that it won't be...
  10. Crusader

    Green Laser threat to aircraft

    While this is in the UK, I think it is still very relevant for any users of green lasers. You need to be extremely careful where you are pointing the laser. Don't EVER point it at an aircraft - especially if you have a high powered one. BBC Link: Police fight back on laser threat...
  11. Crusader

    Astronomy: Object of the Month Challenge

    The Object of the Month Challenge The aim of the challenge is to get you outside to observe new (or familiar) objects each month and allow you to share and compare your observations. It’s a great incentive to actually get your telescope outside and actually use it. Hopefully throughout...