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    Webafrica and Afrihost unable to deliver CellC Lite simcard

    Hi there. All I wanted is a CellC Lite simcard - and I need it URGENTLY! Got the router, just need the simcard. Webafrica, done, paid, 7 days later the simcard is still not dispatched. But their website advert stating delivery within 5 business days. So I cancelled on Wednesday and ordered it...
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    Webafrica LTE at Home whooshing past at 50Mbps: Claim?

    Headline say: "Whoosh! Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it’s Webafrica LTE at Home whooshing past at 50Mbps!" Further in the marketing is say: "....enjoying internet speeds of up to 50Mbps" I ordered on my WebAfrica account 5 xCellC LTE simcards, 1 x Springs, 4 in Durban, all different areas...
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    Webafrica VOIP the worst service ever

    Been with Webafrica for a while, even before the VOIP service was with nexus. So I have a couple of VOIP phones. 1. Tickets open from 2 weeks to 2 1/2 months, no feedback. Not one response! (Apparently Internet Solutions is working on it when you call them.) 2. Their dashboard offer all kind...
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    Facebook account hack +27872406458 + +27872406452

    Hi there. My facebook account got hacked, seconds after I received this SMS and clicked on it. Received an second SMS seconds after this once from +27872406452 that states "162458 is your Facebook password reset code (Never even entered any codes, just clicked on the first link.) Any idea how...
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    LAN Failover from ADSL to LITE service Setup

    Hi, hope this is the right forum. New it this. -ADSL Line - primary router constantly down for short periods. (Cheap data) -CellC lite - second router use as failover. Is there a router, device or setup that I can follow to allow for this for home use? So if the internet on the ADSL is down...
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    Need help: Telkom Business line down since October 2017, simply no response

    Hi there. We based very close to Durban CPD area. One of our offices telkom/adsl line down since October 2017. Numerous phone calls, no response. Eventually a technician arrived a week ago, said he is going to test it with the hub, walked out, never came back to test and simply closed the...
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    Takealot website not working

    Hi there. Is it just me? Notice that the website is not loading correctly. EZ
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    Afrihost data simcards deleted by MTN without warning after 6 months.

    MTN delete your Afrihost Simcard if no MTN airtime is loaded every 6 months, and it is not Afrihost problem, nor is it in their agreement. Hi there. I recently discovered that Afrihost data simcards were deleted by MTN after 6 months if no airtime was loaded on it. (You can do a...
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    Mobile cellphone repeaters what MHz to use?

    Hi there. New at this, so any help will do. Want to purchase a online Cellphone Booster/repeater for a farm. Double story farm house, top have signal with almost zero on the ground level. Already purchased one and tested that does not work - not even a bit. Frequency Range 824-849MHz...
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    3 Years later with Afrihost and still complaining

    Standing 3 years later and I yet to do 1 successful transaction with Afrihost. Not to fear, we will try and try and try again. Note: I am not joking! I have all their ticket history to proof it. History. -I tried hosting several times over the past 3 years. Either their services is down, get...
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    New SMS Scam doing it's rounds - Appointment Letter

    Been spammed on all our email accounts with the new email scam. Seems like they using different gmail accounts and company names on it. Subject: Appointment Letter Good day, We received your request regarding your appointment letter and we’re glad tell you that it has been finalized...
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    "I Am Cait" banned from DSTV - Where to get it? HELP

    Hi there. We recently discovered that the "I Am Cait" show was banned from MultiChoice - DSTV. This being the second show been banned since 2015 due to Homophobic complaints. The idea of someone else deciding what you can, and cannot see in this year is shocking. "CENSORED" Any advice...
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    Webafrica blocks port 5060 used for VOIP

    So I recently decided to experiment with VOIP service on my Webafrica capped account. So 2 handsets, 3 VOIP devices, several phone calls + emails to them and it still don't work. Only response I get from them is: -We do not offer VOIP accounts and cannot assist with the setup, + -we do not...
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    Ask other customer for your account queries, not Telkom

    Ha ha, this is just to funny and had to share. Hope the link works, because I was unable to upload the file here. Telkom say you must rather ask other customer if you have any account queries.... :confused::confused::confused::confused:
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    Spam - hosted by Mweb

    Hi there. Any advice here. Been spammed for years by this these people in South Africa, hosted by Mweb, they do not provide a un-subscribe link, only a link to their website with a profile that I managed to login to, but no remove/delete/unsubscribe option. There is basically no way of...
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    SABC License, been trying years to cancel it, just no luck.

    Hi there. I been trying to cancel my SABC license sine 2000. Done it before and lucky I kept all the documentation over the years, including letters to them with date stamps. Around 2010 I again forwarded all the documents after they harassed me, case was closed and the amount was...
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    Durban Post Office Services - HUB, is it only us or Nationally?

    Hi there. We receiving weekly (sometimes daily) parcels through the post office, both from locally and internationally. We constantly notice that the parcel (including speed service bags - marked for urgent delivery) stays in the Durban Post Office Hub (according to their online tracking...
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    Block windows updates on mobile router

    Using the huawei router e5331 Need settings or advice to block: 1. windows + tablet updates. 2. tolerant downloads. Most of the companies block these updates on their networks, so when their work laptops hit out mobile routers (during training) they drain our data bundles. Any help...
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    Telkom uncapped ADSL - not really uncapped

    Hi there. We have a 4Mb ADSL line with Telkom for some time now. Our internet connection dropped to basically nothing on Friday the 16th of May 2014. Done some test with Telkom that confirm there is something wrong with our line. Today I received a message from Telkom that we reach our...
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    Afrihost & Mybroadband - what is happening?

    :mad::mad::mad::mad:Afrihost & Mybroadband - what is happening?:mad::mad::mad: I guess I'm one of the biggest fans of - waiting in the morning for the news updates and constantly recall post of service providers who don't perform. Never do you see anything negative about...