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    Best Games on the Steam Anime Sale?

    So many titles to choose from . Could you guys give any suggestions? I've been wanting to experiment with anime style games and thought this is the perfect oppurtunity.
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    Your favourite Indie Pop / Indietronic songs

    Hey everyone. So recently I have gotten into indie pop and indietronic. There are some amazing songs in this genre but they can be difficult to find. Below is a list of songs I really like. if u guys could add to it and give me some similar ones that would be great. Also you guys can try out...
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    Evaulate Maths Expression [Delphi XE8]

    Hey all. I have chosen IT as one of my subjects for my grade 10 year and have been using Delphi to learn. Recently I have decided to branch out a bit and create some things of my own. First was Tic Toe and now I am trying to make a calculator. I am an extreme beginner so just keep that in mind...
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    A very good router for R500???

    Hey guys, it turns out that I do not get free wifi router with my ADSL package which I am switching to. Can anyone reccommend which one I should get? I'm looking for something around R500, can be lower or a little higher. My line speed will be 10mbps and may upgrade to VDSL soon... but i doubt...
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    Calling All Black Ops 2 Players [PS3]

    Hey everyone... Basically I need some people to play with as friends(lol). Since everyone I know has a PS4 and have moved on I'm stuck alone. I know a lot of glitches and awesome custom games. We could do some league or public as well( whatever you want). You must preferably have a mic(I hate...
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    Can I switch between 2 ADSl ISP's on 1 ADSL line???

    Hey everyone, new here and have a question which needs to be answered. So here is how the story goes... We have finally made the decision to move to uncapped adsl. My parents are leaning towards the Mweb 4mbps standard uncapped account which includes adsl line rental for R449. This deal...