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    2019 Takealot Thread (Only 4 Beggers)

    usually at running events in CPT takealot gives out vouchers in the goodie bags
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    Takealot voucher coupon codes

    im keen - looking for a code to use
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    a muslim's view on killing non muslims

    you folks are talking about something you have no clear understanding of other than "internet videos and posts". Most of you, if not all do not understand "context". Why is this still post still alive? To prove points? what does it get you? a free coffee? JEEZZ!!!! Let me start quoting texts...
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    Caught Shoplifting

    judging by what gets kicked off the court records... they like hitting small crimes HARD and take pity on the harsher stuff
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    Germany synagogue shooting: Gunman kills multiple people in Halle attack

    wow, some real heated debate here. Both sides. The Holocaust actually happened. You ARE ALLOWED to ask questions! infact, you are allowed to ask questions to ANYTHING! (it helps with deeper understanding). FYI -- anti-Semite is NOT specifically jewish. Therein is the 1st fundamental error...
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    Germany synagogue shooting: Gunman kills multiple people in Halle attack

    I have a question???? Will VW apologize for having their car in the image? This thread went from a shooting to holocaust. The real victims across both spectrums are those who lost their lives. Be it 1 or 1 billion --- life is sacred. Yes you can question things, but dont lose awareness of...
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    The 200,000+ km thread

    Honda accord - 2006 model - 285 000km :) easy and going strong. suspension is perfect - replaced alternator and power steering pipe. K24a Engine is still super silent and with 147kw, its still giving beat downs to some clowns.
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    Iran says Revolutionary Guard shoots down US drone

    ermmmm if anyone in this day and age believes that only 1 country gets to act as the police... i have a question ... "who police the POLICE?" its always the "said country" vs "<insert country that has wealth that needs to be stolen here>" situation.
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    China's Uighur Muslims forced to eat and drink as Ramadan celebrations banned

    id like to comment - but it might affect my US Visa application.
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    Afristay Giveaway - Win a weekend away and R1,000 spending money

    View at 18 in hermanus
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    Trump's Huawei ban leaves US companies reeling

    soooo... can the US still order "Chinese takeout"?
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    Salary deducted as form of punishment.

    Legally, you cannot punish twice -and warnings need to be metered out in private - can claim victimization. If the child is treated like a full on employee with all the trimmings, then do the CCMA thing - as its purely business. IF!!! they get preferential treatment, then just leave it - family...
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    Time, Sanity and Work Life Balance

    you gotta learn to say NO. Take ownership. you are feeling "miff" cause you work too much. Work the required hours and maybe 1 hour extra. Thats it. Go home early, do something PRODUCTIVE - like clean your place out - but include something that requires commitment. Like a training run that must...
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    Insurance Claim From Nandos

    they use a 3rd party. So they dont really care who they use, and if they are compliant not. Goes to show their business model. You shouldnt be surprised, as they have been ripping off consumers for years.. but noooo, still go and pay R1k for a roll with 3 chips, and quarter chicken the size of...
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    Which used car should I get?

    wow! you are fortunate. Why not get a Toyota Tazz in EVERY colour!? alternatively, BMW 320D. You would still have change to get extended motorplan.
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    [New Zealand] Fatal shootings at Christchurch mosques. Update: 49 dead

    I have to agree... seen't it. then again most of the time i dont bother to respond. Waaayyyyy tooo many keyboard ninjas here.
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    [New Zealand] Fatal shootings at Christchurch mosques. Update: 49 dead

    Guess, everyone needs to stop positing. Take it for what it is. Terrorism. They are everywhere, and its just so so sad that many innocent persons are affected. What makes you and I different from them - we do not act on our impulses, we reason, use logic. Muslim, Jew, Christian, Atheist - that...
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    [New Zealand] Fatal shootings at Christchurch mosques. Update: 49 dead

    so lets bring it closer to home -- land expropriation? by saying this, every person affected by this has a right. All that land taken illegally during apartheid --- those people can now just stroll in and say "hey, this is now mine" bottom line, you get religious zealots in EVERY corner... its...
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    [New Zealand] Fatal shootings at Christchurch mosques. Update: 49 dead

    FYI - Semitic is not exclusively jewish Semitic /sɪˈmɪtɪk/ adjective adjective: Semitic 1. relating to or denoting a family of languages that includes Hebrew, Arabic, and Aramaic and certain ancient languages such as Phoenician and Akkadian, constituting the main subgroup of the Afro-Asiatic...