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    Canon EOS 1300D

    Selling my Canon camera bundle kit.
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    [SALE] Canon EOS 1300D

    Item name (be very descriptive): The Canon EOS 1300D is a user friendly, entry-level DSLR that combines great image quality with a range of smart features. The camera boasts a highly sensitive 18MP APS-C CMOS sensor which delivers crisp, colour accurate imagery and great low light performance...
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    Replacing School Network

    Good Day I would like to enquire with regards to having a network re done. We recently received 20 mini pc's from the department, but unfortunately they connect via WIFI. The wifi network is not as strong and hence creates major problems for us. There is an existing network, but due to age it...
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    IT Class Field Trip

    Hey guys. I have a grade 11IT and CAT class that I'd like to take on an excursion somewhere. Does anyone perhaps have any ideas or places in Cape Town where I could take them. I'd like them to actually see some real server computing or server rooms. TIA.
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    BMW 130i MSport

    For Sale Item name (be very descriptive): 2010 BMW 130i M Sport. Vehicle is in excellent condition with FSH at agents. Age and condition: Excellent, minor scratch on the front. 8 Years old Do you include packaging: No Warranty: No Reason for selling: Family Commitments Price: R170 000...
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    Am I being taken advantage of?

    Hi guys. So I recently took my vehicle in for a diagnostics because it has been making a slight ticking noise whenever it was idling. I took it to a local reputable mechanic and he came back with the following qoute.
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    Which Car to get?

    Good Day MYBB's As per thread title. I need to purchase a cheap run around vehicle, budget is R90K MAX. I have been searching for the pass few weeks and managed to come up with the following: 1. Light on Fuel 2. Reliable or cheap to fix i.e service cost. 3. Small and under 90K Km. 4. Will be...
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    Home Purchasing / Transfer

    Good Day fellow Forumites. I have the following situation, I currently reside with my mother, with whom the current property is registered in her name. She lost her job in 2016, in which I then deposited money into her account so that the bond may be debited from it. The bond is in her name...
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    Computer Sponsorship for School

    Good Day MYBB Members. I know that it is against the MYBB rules to ask for donations, so before I am banned. What I would like to know is if anyone could point me in the right direction for sponsorship for three computers to be used by the educators at my school. We currently have to use the...
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    Financial Advice

    Good Day Fellow MYBB'ers I am in need of some financial advice and guidance. So here is the situation... So last year I bought a car from a dealer, last week I had a look on what is still owed and i saw that it is about R250 000 still that needs to be paid, I currently pay R4000 a month...
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    Renault Clio IV Service Intervals

    Good Day So for the past 1500KM, my car has been nagging that it would require a service, it started giving the warning at 8500KM, which means that it would need a service at 10 000KM. At about 9500KM, I contacted Reanult to book the car in for as service, which was yesterday at 7:30 am. I...
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    Good Day fellow forumites. I plan on enabling XtraView on my decoders and I would like some help. Multichoice said that I would need a cable going from the primary decoder into the secondary decoder. What type of cable would I need? Is it the same type as the one coming out from the LNB...
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    High Idle After Replace ICV

    Good Day I was having erratic idling issues and many people mentioned that it was the ICV, I then went to GW and bought the replacement part. I put it in, and also had the battery disconnected for over an hour. I then started the car, and the revs just kept climbing higher and higher, it...
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    Car Advice needed.

    I have a BMW E36 fully paid for standing at home. I am now at the point of selling it, as I cannot afford to spend anymore money on it. What I would like to know is how do I go about getting rid of it, even selling it to a scrapyard is an option for me. This is the problems with the car. 1)...
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    My Youtube channel :)

    Good Day guys. So I have recently started creating videos. My videos hope to help kids, especially in high school better understand maths. I have started with the grade 10 CAPS syllabus, and will eventually move onto Grade 11 and Grade 12. You can also email maths questions to...
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    Windows 7 Starter

    Hey Guys!! Is it possible to download Windows 7 starter for installation? My cousin had her laptop re installed with windows, but the incorrect version was installed. She has the product key for Windows 7 starter. Is there any link that we could download it from? Thank You.
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    Fill Jet Ink cartridge refill kit

    Does anyone perhaps know where i can get the Fill Jet set from Glomail. No shop has it and Glomail also doesnt seem to stock it... Or perhaps can anyone suggest a similar product which will do the same job. Thank You Zizo911
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    Educational Software used at schools.

    I'm doing research on the different types of educational software that is used in the school environment, primary or high school. Namely in IT (Information Technology) Mathematics ( eg: Master Maths, Kami Math) Technology. (grade 7-9) Thanks
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    Welcome to Mel_5471

    Welcome to my good friend who I intrtoduced to the forum today. Lets hope she enjoys her stay here :p
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    Article: Police disperse Free State protesters

    Can these people not have civilized protests? Must they damage things :mad: