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  1. maumau

    Selling a house - is sold mandate/agency a good thing?

    We're planning on selling our house and have consulted 2 estate agents, both of whom came in at roughly the same value. One is a friend who will put effort into the sale and one is an agent who works in the area and knows it well. The second agent has already mentioned sole mandate/agency. Is...
  2. maumau

    The great Discovery Med Aid rebate rates :(

    Discovery Classic Comprehensive Medical Aid is R4 026 p.m for a single member. I went to the gynae last week and paid R1 340. Guess what Discovery paid ......... R397.70 WTF????????? Discovery say they have gynaecologists on their books who work within this price range but there aren't any in...
  3. maumau

    Need a great alarm installer - Fairland

    Looking for an alarm installation company who know what they're doing, if there is such a thing. Our install has been a nightmare of note! We changed security companies in April and they outsourced the installation. Eventually after several return visits the owner of the security company came...
  4. maumau

    Show your jewellery/piercings

    I have to buy a neck chain for a guy of 23 - family member. He's tall and slender. Haven't got a clue what to get or where to shop. What's a good length? Stainless steel or silver? Budget up to R800. Jhb area. Let's see what you've got :)
  5. maumau

    Netflix USA sees Getflix unblocker?

    Since last night I've been unable to use Netflix USA via Getflix. It's happening on Samsung Note 5 and Samsung Tab S3 (new). I've exited netflix on the Note 5 and it won't even accept a log in. On the Tab S3 I am already logged in but it won't accept the PIN (set for parental control) - no...
  6. maumau

    Need to search for and delete duplicate pics PC

    Several folders on my hard drive contain duplicate pictures. Pse recommend a free programme to search for duplicates. I'll delete them manually. TIA
  7. maumau

    Missing posts

    Thought I was going crazy until I checked the post numbers. So many missing I don't know if it's a forum problem. 66, 68, 73, 76??
  8. maumau

    BPhil Honours Marketing Management graduate looking for work

    A friend's son got SIX distinctions in BPhil Honours in Marketing Management. I feel so bad for him after spending years slogging over a degree he's sitting at home unable to find employment. AFAIK he wants to do his masters but needs work experience. He's been looking for work since January...
  9. maumau

    Need an app to control media volume

    Lying on the couch watching netflix on my Tab S3 tablet. Volume is up because mumble, mumble, mumble in a thick Scottish accent. Suddenly the movie cuts to inside factory. Noise is cacophonic and I have to jump up, grab my tablet and fiddle for the volume button. Really? There's no onscreen...
  10. maumau

    Lester's racist rant on Cape Talk

    On and on and on and on and on about a Stellenbosch report. Jeezus!!!!! ENOUGH LESTER :sick: Research singles out coloured women as being at high risk of something ...... my God did he take offence. Wish this presenter would get off his soap box.
  11. maumau

    What's going on near Potch?

    Just saw this on FB so I'm not sure if it's current.
  12. maumau

    country domain in headline please

    Please can we include the country domain (.ZW, .CN) etc. in headlines like this: Pliz?
  13. maumau

    Scam site

    Watch out for this site guys, it's a scam.
  14. maumau

    Buyer's remorse

    I made the cardinal mistake of buying a Samsung Tab S3 without researching it properly. It does not do screen mirroring :( I phoned around on Saturday, found one at Vodacom Clearwater, went and bought it cash. What are the chances I can return it for a refund? I THINK the Ts & Cs say it can be...
  15. maumau

    Convert 60 cassettes to mp3

    During a clean up I found about 60 music cassettes recorded by a friend. It looks like good stuff. Can anyone recommend a reliable converter that plugs into PC? The thought of struggling is putting me off. I've asked for a quote from professionals but haven't heard from them yet.
  16. maumau

    (S) Birdies Raised Garden Bed

    Item name (be very descriptive): Birdies Raised Garden Bed. Virtually indestructible zinc. Adjustable up to 1200x2100x385. Used. Complete with all nuts and bolts. Age and condition: a few years Do you include packaging: Yes/No Warranty: No Reason for selling: don't want a vegetable garden...
  17. maumau

    What do you think life in SA will be like in 5/10 years?

    Areas of Jhb were without power and without water for hours on end yesterday. According to some, crime spiked. Those without power had no Internet, hot water, washing machines, ovens, swimming pool pumps etc. Phones, tablets and laptops died as did MTN (my own experience), Vodafone and Cell C...
  18. maumau

    Big Green Egg BGE - selling

    Item name: Big Green Egg. Braai, Slow Cooker, Smoker, Grill & Oven. Medium size with all accessories shown in pic. Total value R28 000. Age and condition: 3 years. Excellent Do you include packaging: No Warranty: No Reason for selling: Family are emigrating. I'm staying in SA but it's a waste...
  19. maumau

    Is there an OTC intravenous painkiller?

    Wouldn't it be nice if after gastro leaves you reeling with a blinding dehydration headache, you can't keep a tablet down long enough for it to take affect and for obvious reasons a suppository is out of the question, you could give yourself a pain relieving injection. In the bum seems to be the...
  20. maumau

    Shooting at Mpumalanga school

    Mods please delete if this has been posted before. Police shoot former pupil after he attacks school and police with bricks WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT Source: