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    New VW logo unveiled

    Bit of confirmation bias there, me thinks. What car do you drive? BMW drivers, Audi drivers, Ranger drivers, Hilux drivers, they all suck. Not Renault drivers mind you, because their cars are broken in the garage and not on the road. Drivers in SA are on average just poor drivers.
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    Network cabling installation at home

    I'm looking for a reputable company to install network cabling for some IP security cameras, as well as for connecting various pieces of equipment. In the past I've done this sort of thing myself, but it'll be a pain in the ass in my new house and I'd frankly rather just pay someone to do a good...
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    The most popular programming languages in South Africa

    By your logic, German and Dutch is the same thing.
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    The Gauteng Weather and Storm Warning Thread!

    Just drove into Sandton from the Bryanston side of things and it looked properly bad weather. Currently there's low visibility in central Sandton but looks mostly like it's due to dust.
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    How do I unbrick my GPU?

    Could you possibly provide any less details?
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    2018 Audi RS4 Avant

    Still want one. Still too expensive for what it is and how badly it depreciates. Makes me sad.
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    Brenthurst Wealth Management

    This is from 2018 but I doubt it's changed terribly much (Galileo Capital). Our Service Options and Fees What you would like us to do for you? We offer the following services: 1. Compile and implement an Investment Plan for you that you will manage going forward 2. Hourly consultation with no...
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    Brenthurst Wealth Management

    Negative. They can do a full portfolio development thing for you for a chunk more than that. If you just want an initial consultation and some guidance, it's closer to 2k. They can also manage your portfolio for you.
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    These are the employees I would hire tomorrow if I could find them: Capitec CEO

    I would send my CV on Monday but alas, they're in the wrong city.
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    BMW 3 Series F30 Advice

    See my previous post in this thread. I currently drive a 330d.
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    BMW 3 Series F30 Advice

    The 330d will come in under 6l/100km at highway speeds. I like driving fairly spiritedly and consumption goes up to 7l/100km if I spend time in town. The car is pretty heavy and I really feel the weight of the engine compared to my previous car, which was an 86. As for engine performance - the...
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    "Young adults" with big cars RANT

    Rather big assumption you're making there. My wife bought her first GTI at the age of 26. Cash. Some people just have more money than others.
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    "Young adults" with big cars RANT

    This sounds like a you problem.
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    #SandtonShutdown 13 September 2019

    The best thing about the protest is the fact that there was virtually no traffic and the entire office is empty today. They need to do more of these things.
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    #SandtonShutdown 13 September 2019

    Stay off of the M1, take William Nicol off of the N1. You won't go close to the CBD that way.
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    What's your age and your net worth?

    That's simply not true. At all. The default is that you use the property being purchased as mitigant for the bond, and thus that will be attached should you default. Some people use other mitigant providers, however, such as for example share portfolios. From time of registration at the deeds...
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    How much money do you earn? And how do you spend it?

    Nah, haven't touched them in a few years now. Way more niche than the Blue place in terms of clientele.
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    How much money do you earn? And how do you spend it?

    As little as possible while still getting the job done. Currently I'm working on a bit of a pivot in terms of career but for the time being I'm at a bank doing techy things.